Ceres Ridley Room

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This is only one of two rooms in the game to use Mode 7 rendering for the level geometry (the other being Ceres Elevator Room), and as such the SMILE editor cannot create proper screenshots of this room. This screenshot needed to be taken during gameplay.

Ceres Escape

If you have Samus' back to the wall just before Ridley leaves the room, he will push you into it, so that you can jump and turnaround to be as far back as possible on the door's ledge.

When the timer starts, you can use either a visual cue or an audio cue to start running. If you bonk the door you can usually leave with 59.75 on the timer, but a properly timed run can get as good as 59.87.

A "safe" visual cue is to start running when you see the door start to move. Depending on your reaction time, this will usually be better than bonking the door (even if you get a 59.75, you will have more run speed), and is nearly guaranteed to avoid bonking.

A potential audio cue relies on the music. After Ridley leaves the "alarm" version of the music starts up, and the first several measures are counted in 5/8. If you start moving on the first beat of the next section (which is notated in this video as 4/8), this can get you through the door as soon as it's fully open.

Another visual cue (introduced by SMFTP) is to jump when the word "activated" fully comes on screen, aim down in midair to avoid hitting the ceiling, then start running as you hit the ground.


If you simply run from the edge of the platform, the best time you can get through the door is 59.85. A 59.87 is only possible from certain subpixel positions, which require normalized setups. However, even with the right execution you could end up with 59.86, because the game decrements the timer by either 1 or 2 hundredths each frame.

One such setup, created by EternisedDragon, is shown here:

Map Completion

This room does not get highlighted pink during the initial visit, so for this category you need to leave and reenter before moving on.

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