Wave Beam

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Wave Beam
Location Wave Beam Room, Norfair
Effect Increases beam damage and adds penetration effect

Wave Beam is a beam upgrade that increases the damage of Samus's beam and allows it to pass through objects and surfaces. Note that it does not pierce enemies, like Plasma Beam does.

It is collected in all non-low% categories due to the damage increase it provides and the X-Factor.

Wave Beam provides the following increase in damage:

Without Damage With Damage Multiplier
Power Beam 20 W 50 ×2.5
Ice Beam 30 I+W 60 ×2
Spazer 40 W+S 70 ×1.75
Ice+Spazer 60 I+W+S 100 ×1.33
Plasma 150 W+P 250 ×1.67
Ice+Plasma 200 I+W+P 300 ×1.5

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