13% xCharge

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Super Metroid Category
13% xcharge
13% xcharge
1:34 IGT
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World Record Holder
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Category Details

Start Timer:
On Start Game
Stop Timer:
Entering Ship Animation
Begin At:
Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
Major Bosses:
Boss Order:

13% xCharge is the only in-bounds 13% category that has been completed RTA. A total of 13 items are picked up during the entire run.


To finish this run, you need to know how to:

Collected Items

Morphball.png Bombs.png Charge.png Xray.png Varia.png Etank.png Etank.png Reserver.png Missiles.png Missiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Powerbomb.png

Discussion of Route

This category is too new to have a well-defined route. Here are some brief notes.

The current preferred method for killing the Zebetites requires taking damage from a Rinka every missile. This requires 220 energy. Reserve health could be used, but this currently suggests collecting 2+1 Energy+Reserve tanks.

The R-mode clip to Botwoon requires having more Reserve Tanks than Energy Tanks. With 2+1 Tanks, this suggests having 0+1 Tanks at this point in time. Thus, the Terminator Energy Tank should be skipped and the Brinstar Reserve Tank should be collected.

In order to escape from Draygon, you can either backdoor Wrecked Ship or exit via the sand halls. If the former option is chosen, then the Moat Missile need not be collected. It would also mean Spore Spawn Supers should be taken instead so that both Super Packs are available before Draygon.

Given the restriction on Tanks for Botwoon, it would be considerably easier to fight Ridley after handling Draygon.

Kraid needs to be handled before Ridley. Varia Suit is helpful for Maridia, but is not strictly required.

This gives the following possible general routes:

  • KDPR: Moat Missile is skipped.
  • PDKR: Moat Missile is taken, X-Ray is collected and then Red Tower is climbed again, and escape from Draygon is done out the bottom. This would also be the suggested route if you wanted to skip G-moding into Maridia by going through Forgotten Highway: Then, X-Ray should be collected before going to Phantoon.
  • DKRP: Same as PDKR, but horizontal bomb jump over Moat Missile.
  • KPDR (current WR route): Same as PDKR, but Varia is taken to help with Phantoon Maridia. Also in the G-mode-less route, this would be the same as PDKR but collecting Varia for safety.
  • PKDR: Same as PDKR, but Varia is taken to help with Maridia.
  • KRDP: This route is more viable if 1+2 Energy+Reserve Tanks are preferred. Norfair Reserve is collected as the second Reserve Tank. Varia and X-Ray are collected, everything is taken care of down, and then Red Tower is climbed to G-mode into Maridia.


On the PAL version, jump height while underwater is higher. This allows climbing up the left side of Mt. Everest to set up Jesuswalk without using any underwater walljumps.

On NTSC, it is not so simple. Instead, a harder version of L+R Walljumping must be used to get up to the door. Thus, NTSC is much harder due to this one room.

The only known streamed or single-segment completions of this category have been on the PAL version.

A segmented "proof of concept" RTA completion was done on NTSC, minimizing the use of L+R. This can be found here.