14% xGrapple

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Super Metroid Category
14% xGrapple
14% xGrapple
1:47 IGT
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World Record Holder:

Category Details

Start Timer:
On Start Game
Stop Timer:
Entering Ship Animation
Begin At:
Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
Major Bosses:
Boss Order:

14% xGrapple is one of the in-bounds 14% categories that has a known, recorded, RTA completion. A total of 14 items are picked up during the entire run and focuses on using Grapple and X-Ray Scope for level progression.

This category is possible due to being able to kill Zebetites with only 10 missiles.


To finish this run, you need to know how to:

Collected Items

Morphball.png Bombs.png Charge.png Xray.png Grapple.png Varia.png Etank.png Etank.png Reserver.png Missiles.png Missiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Powerbomb.png

Note since R-mode clip is going to be done, it is advisable to skip Terminator Energy Tank. Additionally, 1+2 Energy+Reserve Tanks may be easier (and would allow a faster route than what is stated below), but the current best (PAL) method for the Zebetite kill is easier with 2 Energy Tanks.


The route below is without L+R Walljumping, since if this were allowed 13% xCharge would instead be possible. This mostly affects metroids.

Collect Morph, Alpha Missiles, Bombs, Early Supers, Brinstar Reserve, Spore Spawn Supers, Charge Beam Missiles, and Charge Beam.

Kill Kraid, and get Varia Suit.

Proceed through Norfair to Crocomire. Get Crocomore Power Bombs and Grapple.

Get X-Ray Scope.

G-mode into Maridia, proceed with Grapple, R-mode clip to Botwoon.

G-mode through Botwoon Energy Tank Room (a Grapple-Bombjump-Jump would instead allow getting the Energy Tank).

Proceed to Draygon using Grapple. Defeat Draygon, Grapple Jump out, and then X-Ray Climb.

G-mode back through Botwoon Energy Tank Room (a Grapple-Bombjump-Jump would, again, work).

Perform the West Sand Hall damage boost to escape Maridia if on NTSC, or simply jump through if on PAL. Alternatives to the damage boost are to G-mode from Aqueduct towards West Sand Hall (dangerous with the Evir), or to Grapple-Bombjump-Jump up Crab Shaft.

Get two Energy Tanks of your choice, but probably Kraid and Hi-Jump are the fastest.

Lava dive (or G-mode into Lower Norfair), and go to kill Ridley.

Remember to go kill Phantoon by grappling over there.

Go to Tourian with full 10/10/5 ammo and save.

Defeat the metroids in the first room, using only three power bombs, and get at least two power bomb drops. The probability of at least three drops is 0.6%; the probability of two is 6.5%. With only two drops, the probability becomes worse later. Go back and save when successful.

Defeat the metroids in the second room, ending with at least three power bombs (number of drops needed depends upon what you settled for previously). The chance of one drop is 20.8%; the chance of two drops is 1.4%. Go back and save when successful.

Defeat the metroids in the third room, ending with at least three power bombs. The probability of at least two drops is 3.8%; the probability of three drops is 0.2%. Go back and save when successful.

Note due to this 0.2% in the third room, it is recommended to grind for the 0.6% and 1.4% in the previous rooms if simply going for a completion. With this choice, it will take on average 168 resets to finish the first room, 72 resets to finish the second, and 26 resets to finish the third. Good luck.

The WR run opts to use underwater walljumping without L+R to escape the G4 room and refill on power bombs. This may be more desirable than grinding the metroid drop RNG since it's completely execution based, but is insanely difficult to perform.

Defeat the metroids in the fourth room, and continue through (using no supers) to save before Zebetites.

Kill the first Zebetite using a super missile. Perform the 10 Missile Zebetite Kills. Then defeat Mother Brain and escape.