Add your potential SM Projects TODO-List here

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Add your potential SM Projects TODO-List here

The purpose of this page is to (possibly gather interest for and) keep track of and gather interest for projects (or to document them, to keep ideas conserved), aswell as to allow for a publicly accessible overview of and insights into personal and/or general (in case the same thing is wanted by many) SM related ideas (in a structured/ordered manner) for potential new future projects (which then possibly could be tackled in a coordinated manner) or completions/conclusions of unfinished already existing projects that could be wanted by 1 or more persons in the community, and/or help the community or the Wiki page to improve. So feel free to brainstorm about

  • contents
  • goals
  • tasks
  • information
  • resources
  • documentations
  • structuring
  • implementations
  • automatizations

(even if it might be exaggerated wishful thinking) that might technically or realistically contribute to the prosperity of the Wiki and/or SM community.

ED's SM Projects TODO-List

(... TODO >_>)

(enter editing mode and insert your ideas, possibly associated to some nickname, if wanted)