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What is Discord?

Discord is a social platform designed for gaming communities to come together and share via text, voice, and/or video. You can access Discord via your web browser or a PC/mobile app. There are many Super Metroid themed servers within Discord that you can join anytime. Use any of the invite links here to get started.

Server Invite Links

SRL - Super Metroid - The main community server.

Metroid Construction - Romhacking community and resources.

SMART - Romhacking support for SMART level editor.

Super Metroid Tournament - Major tournaments are hosted here.

Super Metroid Extension Board - Category Extension Leaderboard

Speed Runners Arena - SRA community with SMRAT and SMS.

Slicers - Multitroid - Multiplayer support for emulators AND SD2/FXPAK. (Shared items/health/ammo/etc)

F r e n c H F o r C e - French speaking SM community.

GT Classic - Racers and fans of the GT Classic category.

VARIA Randomizer - Highly customizable randomizer at Varia.run.

Rando League - Competitive randomizer racing.

ALttP + SM Randomizer - Combine the games and randomize the things.

SMZ3 MultiWorld - Multiplayer support for emulators AND SD2/FXPAK. (Split items between players)

DASH Randomizer - DASH Randomizer