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gt classic
gt classic
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On Start Game
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Entering Ship Animation
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Ceres Station
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End of Zebes Escape
Major Bosses:
Torizos, Botwoon
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GT Classic involves completing the game by defeating all major bosses while utilizing the Golden Torizo code. ("GT" within the moniker of a category essentially means "uses Golden Torizo code"; usage is mandatory)

The Golden Torizo code provides Samus with 53% of items, which includes 100 Missiles, 20 Super Missiles, 20 Power Bombs, 7 Energy Tanks, 3 Reserve Tanks, and all major items except Screw Attack, which is almost immediately picked up upon acquiring these items. Having all of these items to reach and defeat the remaining bosses with allows players to show off strategies that are not possible in any other category.


The information for the beginning of this route (up to Golden Torizo) is the exact same as the any% GT guide. The only exceptions would be opening the Maridia Tube early and that you should unequip Spazer instead of Wave Beam once you have acquired the GT Code items. This guide will pick up from that point by going over the Golden Torizo fight.

Runners can choose between performing the lava dive with or without Hi Jump Boots. Below is a video comparison of the route differences.

By forcing the Golden Torizo back against the wall, you can position yourself underneath his forward knee and unleash charge shots vertically through him, which will allow the shots to strike twice, making the battle swift and simple. Since Golden Torizo will perish in 15 strikes from these charge shots, one of the shots does not have to strike twice.


Afterward, charge a shinespark before exiting the room, and unleash it after acquiring Screw Attack up the left side of the shaft. The pillar in the background left of center is a decent visual indicator of where to shinespark. Having more distance available to run out the room before Space Jumping back to the green gate will provide you with more speed during your Space Jumps.

You can either shinespark or Space Jump through the pillar room, since you have Screw Attack. Screw Attack will also make the "worst room in the game" easier as it can clear out the ceiling blocks and destroy pirates. Space Jump through the room with rising acid, and in the next room, bust the destructible blocks in the floor and drop down (preferably downback) to the Kihunters. If you can't hitbox them or don't want to take damage, Screw Attack can fortunately take care of these as well. Destroying Kihunters will reduce the lag from the Power Bomb explosions at the end of the room.

Lay a Power Bomb to the left of the pillar before the destructible blocks, and lay a second one halfway through the hidden tunnel to open the door. As a minor timesaver, Screw Attack can take care of the first destructible block before the Power Bomb detonation reaches the other two. Hold left when entering the room to damage bounce into the hole and bomb your way through. You can handle Dessgeegas in a similar manner as the Kihunters. Power Bomb the statue and descend through the spikes. You can kago through both spike platforms with proper timing, but be careful not to fall into the acid below if you manage to kago through the second.

The steel pirates can be handled in a number of ways. This slow method is ideal for beginners and is pretty safe. This faster method involves interrupting the first pirate in such a way that he does not kick forward before throwing his fin, and only throws one fin before spinjumping, causing him to react faster than normal. The second pirate has to be alerted at the appropriate time during this so that they will overlap each other when they become vulnerable, allowing one charge shot to strike both. An easy way to alert the second at the right time is to stutter once as you move towards him after passing by the first.

Afterward, you can Space Jump through the next two rooms with ease.

Ridley takes 30 Super Missiles or 20 charged Wave/Ice/Plasma shots to kill. Super Missiles have more damage per second, so feel free to use them in conjunction with charge shots if you are comfortable doing so - mainly, if you are comfortable with the possibility of not receiving them back later and can do the math. When you are sure you have dealt enough damage to force Ridley's explosion, you can wait underneath him for him to pick you up, or you can try springing up into his claws. Finally, you can opt to skip Ridley's drops if you want to save a few seconds.


Make your way back to the top of the first Kihunter room and go through the door on the right. Head up through the Boulders and Funes (freeze things or Screw Attack through things if you need to) and take the hidden left path. Make your way to the door on the top left, then do the same for the next room. Again, Screw Attack can take care of the Kihunters, as well as the destructible pillars in the room after them. Exit left out of that room, into the bubble room. Drop down to the bottom, Power Bombing the pipe away so you can use the bottom left door to take the save station hallway back to the elevator. Taking out the Cacatac and nearby Waver beforehand with Missiles can alleviate lag generated by the Power Bomb.

Blow open the glass tube to Maridia if you didn't previously and head up. Take the second door on the right (above the Skultera) and jump through the transition so you can jump up to the door above. When you come out of the door, charge a shinespark using the ground to the right and shinespark diagonally right to the top right door. Shoot open the center flooring, drop down, and enter the green door. Blow away the bottom pipes with a Power Bomb and walljump up the pipes to the top left door. Blast through the maze of pipes (the upper pipes with beam shots, the lower pipes with Speed Booster) to the right door.

Botwoon is the first of three foes that can be obliterated by the combination of X-Ray Scope and Plasma Beam, called X-Plasma. When a charged shot is active inside Botwoon's head hitbox, you can tap X-Ray Scope on and off to cause it to deal damage multiple times. With charged Wave/Ice/Plasma, Botwoon only requires four connections to kill.

Exit the room once the pillar has been removed and speed through the next room. If you exit the room before the pillar has been fully removed, it may cause both the pillar and Botwoon to respawn if you reenter the room, costing substantial time. Make sure to fire a beam shot straight forward as you reach the downward slope - the one before the sand pit with respawning Zoas - so you can enter the next room without losing speed. If you cannot perform the "full halfie" in the next room, it can be slightly faster to Space Jump through the room instead of opting for the "halfie" if you can grab onto the ledge instead of falling after the crash animation. Doing so will also conserve ~60 health. Afterward, blast open the green door and the eye door below.

Draygon is the second of three foes which X-Plasma makes quick work of. You'll want to take out the three turrets before finding a proper position. Draygon should explode after seven charged shot connections. If you are crouched while using X-Ray Scope, Draygon's death should force you into a standing position as a visual indication to stop using it. You should also hear a quick electrical sound as an auditory indicator. Like Ridley, skipping drops will save a few seconds, so instead of waiting on them, you can Space Jump up to the top door and leave once it unlocks.


Head all the way back to the Maridian mountain area - the large area with many Scisers, Powamps, and grapple blocks above. Space Jump through the upper area to the top door and make your way to the Red Brinstar elevator. A clever trick you can try to pull off in this area is springing out of the tunnel after the green gate, onto the elevator platform.

Power Bomb open the top door and the top right door of the next room. Space Jump over the moat. Use the ground before the ocean to gain speed, then Space Jump over the ocean to the Wrecked Ship. Clear out the destructible blocks at the bottom of the main shaft with beam shots as you descend down. Open the green door below, and the hidden eye door to the right of the next room.

Phantoon is the last encounter that X-Plasma will help against. Because Phantoon has to take damage from a different source before the beam can strike him multiple times, you should try to hit him with 1-2 regular Missiles when he opens to cause him to fly around. Hitting him with more than two in a barrage will cause him to shut. Then, swap to X-Ray Scope, and unleash charged Wave/Ice/Plasma with X-Ray Scope taps. A similar course of action can be taken regardless of which of Phantoon's openings you receive: Fast Left   Fast Right   Medium Left   Medium Right   Slow Left   Slow Right

Afterward, you can exit the room with the infamous "door bomb" strategy and collect all the drops, or exit in a manner similar to exiting Bomb Torizo's room to skip part of the drops, and mockball towards the destructible block in the tunnel.

Mother Brain

Head back to the ocean. Shinespark or Space Jump over it after exiting the long moving walkway room. You can keep speed exiting the Wrecked Ship's entry hallway with an appropriately-timed shot to hit the door, which if you're able, will allow you to Space Jump towards the moat, open the door to the moat before landing out of your Space Jump, perform a speedball, and spring over the moat after the room transition.

Continue to head straight left, past your ship, all the way back to the room with five Space Pirates. Take the bottom right red door and run through the next hall.

In Tourian, you have a ton of options in this category regarding which items you use, which techniques you perform, and so on. One of which is Screw Attack. Screw Attack can deflect Metroids, protect against Mother Brain's beam attacks (as can "pseudo-Screw"), and kill pirates during the escape, but having Screw Attack enabled makes skipping the Zebetites much more difficult.

The fastest method is to do the Spring Ball Zeb Skip, which can potentially allow for a pauseless Tourian. This would require exiting Metroid Room 4 with 700 hp, followed by taking no damage between that time and the end of Mother Brain 2. If you go for this, it's likely best to disable Varia Suit at the same time you disable Spazer upon activating the GT Code. If you take damage in this section, you can pause during Mother Brain to give yourself reserve energy before the rainbow beam and disable Varia Suit, and do not need to pause at any earlier point in Tourian.

If you are not able to skip the Zebetites with Screw Attack on, but are able to skip the Super Metroid, then pause while you use the elevator to disable it and Varia Suit, and later pause again before the rainbow beam to give yourself reserve energy. Pausing while using an elevator that is traveling downward will save 48 frames as it will cut out the part of the elevator animation where Samus is sent off-screen.

If you are not able to skip the Super Metroid, then you should pause right before using the energy recharge station to disable Screw Attack and Varia Suit, as pausing in this manner will allow you to move during and after the pause fade-in before the station message appears, which saves slightly more time than if you paused on the elevator instead.

You do not necessarily have to disable Varia Suit; however, performing the stand-up glitch with Varia Suit enabled is slightly slower because it increases the amount of time Mother Brain will take before her scripted roar, which happens right before the Super Metroid appears. This is because you have to spend time lowering your health, which is something the stand-up glitch without Varia Suit in this category does not have to do. It also comes with a risk in that if you are not able to damage yourself quickly enough, Mother Brain will think she needs to use her rainbow beam a second time, which will probably kill Samus in this scenario. At the very least, it will kill any chance of reaping the stand-up glitch's benefits, as you will not be able to stand after a second rainbow beam stun in this category.

Head down and enter the left side. The right side yields a save station. When frozen, a Metroid will be destroyed by either a Super Missile or five regular Missiles. If you are caught by a Metroid, you can remove it with a regular bomb or kill it with three Power Bombs. Alternatively, you can exit and reenter the room.

You can Screw Attack through or boost off of the first Sidehopper to the door. If you do not know how to perform the Super Metroid skip, then you can lower your health quickly by abusing invulnerability. Charge a shot while holding angle down and jump repeatedly into the side of the Sidehopper that appears on the left. Having Screw Attack enabled here will greatly improve the rate in which you can reduce your health due to its ability to reset invulnerability. Additionally, having Samus face right instead of left when the Super Metroid brings her down to 01 energy will save close to a second. Samus will not perform the animation of her stumbling back to her feet if she is facing right during the stun.

Visit the refill station to the left if you need to. As explained previously, the refill station provides the best time to pause to unequip items if you need to.

If you have enough ammo to perform a Crystal Flash at this point, you may find it more beneficial to skip the recharge station, unequip Varia Suit and Screw Attack while giving yourself all of your Reserve Tank energy, and then after successfully defeating Mother Brain's second phase, quickly damaging yourself low enough (if you need to) and activating the Crystal Flash before being struck by Mother Brain's rainbow beam. What is important about this is that the Crystal Flash needs to give you 700 energy before rainbow beam connects, otherwise you will not be able to perform stand-up, or worse, rainbow beam may bring your energy to zero. You will likely lose a small amount of time on Mother Brain's first phase from needing to conserve at least 10 Super Missiles here; however, if you are successfully able to perform a Crystal Flash in this manner, you should save roughly six seconds compared to using the refill station. The amount of time you save performing a Crystal Flash is somewhat dependent on how many Super Missiles you are free to use on the doors leading to Mother Brain, as well as Mother Brain's first phase. The six seconds estimate is based on if you have 20 Super Missiles after leaving the last Metroid room, so having less than 13 would probably result in Crystal Flash not saving time, since you would then need to use regular Missiles on doors leading to Mother Brain, as well as only use Missiles on Mother Brain's first phase.

Head right through the red and eye doors. The blue door is another save station.

Perform the Zebetite skip in whichever manner you choose from the page. Make your way to Mother Brain's tank, dodging turrets and Rinkas along the way. Freeze and/or destroy the three Rinkas that spawn as you enter her direct area. Destroying most of them is ideal as they can cause lag by remaining on the screen. Break her glass with regular Missiles, and attack her directly with Super Missiles. Mother Brain in this phase takes 36 Missiles to trigger her next phase, and Super Missiles are equivalent to 3 regular Missiles; however, Mother Brain and her glass require for 18 hits to have struck them before the next phase is triggered, meaning that ideally, you would break the glass open with 6 Missiles and then damage her directly with 0-3 Missiles and 9-12 Supers (an amount that adds up to 12). Nine total Missiles followed by nine total Super Missiles is the most optimal combination for this phase.

Mother Brain's second phase, like Ridley, takes 20 charged Ice/Wave/Plasma shots to finish. Super Missiles only deal half as much compared to Ridley, so they are not efficient here. Mother Brain will be able to use her explosive red beam attack after the 16th charged shot lands, so watch out for it. Both Screw Attack and pseudo-Screw can protect against her eye laser and red beam attacks, although such protective measures should not be necessary. The fight should not last longer than half a minute, and you should have plenty of Reserve Tank energy in case something goes horribly wrong.

After you have dealt enough damage to trigger the rainbow beam, refill your health using your Reserve Tanks. Now is also the last opportunity to disable Varia Suit. Perform the stand-up glitch as explained on the page to defeat her third phase.

This video will demonstrate the manner in which you can defeat Mother Brain's second and third phases in this category.


A cue for when to escape the room at 3'00"00 flat on the timer is to jump and hold left while angled down the moment you see the entire word "ESCAPE" appear on screen. Then, simply continue to hold angle down and the shoot button as you run left through the pillars - this way, none of them should block you.

Fall down to the right. Run to the right and make sure to charge a spark before hitting the wall. Unleash the spark diagonally, open the door by firing a shot directly down, and then jump through the door. Even if you don't have Screw Attack equipped, you should have invulnerability from the pirate's laser after the spark heading into this room, which should allow you to pass through the pirate above you if you move quickly enough.

Head up and to the right, drop down and head left, drop down again, taking out pirates on the right as you fall, and climb up the platforms until you reach the right door. Make sure to hold run along this floor so you can charge a spark in the next room, shooting the pirates if necessary. Make sure you are against the right wall of the shaft before you spark directly up so you don't accidentally connect with any platforms. You should know where you are by now, so head back to your ship from here.


French-language tutorial for the category created by Mumu Didi.