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Super Metroid Category
Nintendo Power%
Nintendo Power%
0:40 IGT
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On Start Game
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Entering Ship Animation
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Ceres Station
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End of Zebes Escape
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This category uses the route set by Nintendo Power in the Player's Guide; the order of items and bosses stated by Nintendo Power must be followed exactly.

The required route for this category


From Ponk, given on Discord:

There has been a discussion about the rules and order in which to finish certain objectives. Basically the point of the discussion was that the rules enforce finishing objectives in the order given by the nintendo power guide. However this left an uncertainty about when the "Defeat X" goal is actually achieved and if its possible to finish the next objective (i.e. picking up an item) before the actual death flag of a boss is set but after dealing the "death blow" to said boss. After debating the intentions behind the run and the exact wording, the official decision on this issue is now that a boss being defeated is NOT the same as a boss being dead. For this matter it is explicitly allowed to pick up the Croc E-Tank before Crocs drops spawn (but after pushing him into the acid) and to pick up the GT-Supers before GTs drops spawn (but after he starts exploding).


This is the list of items given in the Player's Guide, and the room each item is in:

  1. Morph Ball -- Morph Ball Room
  2. Missile -- First Missile Room
  3. Missile -- Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room (marked as being in Crateria)
  4. Bomb -- Bomb Torizo Room
  5. Defeat Torizo -- Bomb Torizo Room
  6. Energy Tank -- Terminator Room
  7. Missile -- Big Pink (commonly known as the "Charge Missile")
  8. Charge Beam -- Big Pink
  9. Defeat Spore Spawn -- Spore Spawn Room
  10. Super Missile -- Spore Spawn Super Room
  11. Missile -- Green Hill Zone
  12. Spazer -- Spazer Room
  13. Energy Tank -- Hi Jump Energy Tank Room
  14. Hi-Jump Boots -- Hi Jump Boots Room
  15. Missile -- Hi Jump Energy Tank Room
  16. Defeat Kraid -- Kraid Room
  17. Varia Suit -- Varia Suit Room
  18. Energy Tank -- Warehouse Energy Tank Room
  19. Missile -- Cathedral
  20. Missile -- Bubble Mountain
  21. Missile -- Speed Booster Hall
  22. Speed Booster -- Speed Booster Room
  23. Missile -- Green Bubbles Missile Room
  24. Reserve Tank -- Norfair Reserve Tank Room
  25. Missile -- Norfair Reserve Tank Room
  26. Ice Beam -- Ice Beam Room
  27. Power Bomb -- Alpha Power Bomb Room
  28. Missile -- Alpha Power Bomb Room
  29. Defeat Crocomire -- Crocomire's Room
  30. Energy Tank -- Crocomire's Room
  31. Missile -- Post Crocomire Jump Room
  32. Grappling Beam -- Grapple Beam Room
  33. Power Bomb -- Post Crocomire Power Bomb Room
  34. Missile -- Double Chamber
  35. Wave Beam -- Wave Beam Room
  36. X-Ray Scope -- X-Ray Scope Room
  37. Missile -- The Moat
  38. Defeat Phantoon -- Phantoon's Room
  39. Super Missile -- Wrecked Ship West Super Room
  40. Gravity Suit -- Gravity Suit Room
  41. Spring Ball -- Spring Ball Room
  42. Energy Tank -- Mama Turtle Room
  43. Missile -- Mama Turtle Room
  44. Super Missile -- Main Street (commonly known as "Crab Supers")
  45. Missile -- Aqueduct
  46. Super Missile -- Aqueduct
  47. Defeat Botwoon -- Botwoon's Room
  48. Energy Tank -- Botwoon Energy Tank Room
  49. Missile -- The Precious Room
  50. Defeat Draygon -- Draygon's Room
  51. Space Jump -- Space Jump Room
  52. Plasma Beam -- Plasma Room
  53. Missile -- Golden Torizo's Room
  54. Defeat Golden Torizo -- Golden Torizo's Room
  55. Super Missile -- Golden Torizo's Room
  56. Screw Attack -- Screw Attack Room
  57. Defeat Ridley -- Ridley's Room
  58. Energy Tank -- Ridley Tank Room

...On to Tourian and Mother Brain!

Unique Challenges

Although this route is the one recommended by Nintendo, it does present some sections of the run that make the collection of individual items more difficult than in the standard Any% KPDR or 100% routes.

In the standard 100% route, visiting Green Bubbles Missile Room is done on the way out of Lower Norfair, allowing the runner to easily use Space Jump to cross the top of Bubble Mountain. In this route, the runner has neither Space Jump or Grappling Beam, so another way must be found. The fastest is to charge a shinespark in Speed Booster Hall and Bat Cave, and then spark across. Other alternative strats, in order of speed, are Damage Boosting across the gap with a Waver, doing a delayed Walljump off of the wall below the door, and infinite Bomb Jumping.

This route also requires collecting Spring Ball without Space Jump, which makes either method of getting through the Pants Room (jumping through the grapple block, or the ice clip) more difficult.

While some 100% routes collect the Golden Torizo Supers before the fight starts, as seen in the rules clarification above this route needs to wait to make sure not to pick it up until after GT has been killed.

This video details several category-specific strats, due to required differences from the optimal 100% route: