Notes on SM. Stupidity any% TAS

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SM. Stupidity any% TAS: (unfinished notes)

General information:

Major items except beams are in equipped state or not, depending on RNG values in every frame (and the explicit dependence between RNG values and equipped state of items would be nice to know).

Thus, collecting any major item that isn't a beam upgrade will just waste time (unless at most Varia-/Gravity-Bluesuit or -Flashsuit), and only ammunition and tank items aswell as beams can be useful, which means the route mostly consists of Boss visits and ignoring upgrades on the way, but going to and collecting beams can be skipped entirely if the Draygon-Underflow is done early on, for which then Crystal FLash ammunition is needed.

Furthermore, since one has X-Ray, one could do the Reverse Lower Norfair Entry, if one collects an R-Tank, preferably a quick R-Tank like the Brinstar one.

Grapple and X-Ray can be toggled on in some frame if they are part of Samus´ equipment in that frame, otherwise one toggles past them.

Relevant movement items and their equipped state in general are: HighJump, Speedbooster, Spacejump, Morphing Ball, (Ice for aligning to enemies), Grapple, Bombs, Springball, ScrewAttack (to go through enemies).

Due to Varia and Gravity being on and off at random frames, enemy and environmental damage depends on the frame Samus gets hit, and Samus will do Gravityjumps in lava/water/acid permanently, and will get random amounts of heat/lava/acid damage.

Since one has Speedbooster, pre-Botwoon's room can be traversed without the need to take a detour for collecting Ice beforehand.

Without Draygon Underflow, RIdley would require either a bunch of beam collection and/or ammunition collection, hence in order to avoid this, the early Draygon Underflow route (which also allows to avoid ammunition farming issues) PDKR (or maybe PDRK) with Phantoon for fast CF ammunition collection first seems fastest, and defines the route.

Due to the similarity of this TAS with an any% Underflow TAS, i could be useful to check such TAS out while working on this TAS, and in general the usual (known) strategies can/should be applied unless suggested otherwise.

General notes:

In general, Grapple can be used to push Samus up in the air at vertical Scroll PLMs, and slopekiller can be used, and one wants to have Speed equipped for many frames while running, and Highjump equipped when jumping.

And generally, corner-boosts, and the inverse CWJ walljump-check pose for position-shifts can be used, and the skating-effect might occur due to Speedbooster switching between on and off all the time, and moonwalk after landing on ground can be used to gain dash-speed.

One probably wants to underflow Missiles and Super Missiles, but not Powerbombs, and in general, speed-kept damage-boosts can be used aswell.

A question would be if midair Springball-jumps are possible without pausing (since Springball switches between on and off all the time).

If the G-Mode sequence break is done with a lot of R-Tank energy using the Waver, then one could farm the 3 Kihunters for health to avoid pause abuse (possibly), but the setup is slow. With Sniq's fast setup, one would have at most 4 energy left and most likely needs to pause abuse twice (but not more than that) and should still be faster.

Rough route: [Details and ideas for strategies maybe later]

Depending on the route, Moonwalk might be worth getting.

  • Ceres (with optimization for jumps, running speed, X-Ray at Ridley to keept the leftwards pushing knockback for a few rooms, and technically a flashsuit could be gotten using the Ridley knockback, probably, or maybe one could kill or get into the ceres door enemy in Ridley´s room to get a head start).

[No need to go to Bomb Torizo.]

  • Early Gauntlet after Landing Site, possibly with the Gauntlet E-Tank, and 1 or both gauntlet-Missiles, and maybe the Terminator E-Tank. Then to Green Brinstar.
  • Early Super Missiles, and the Brinstar R-Tank so one can do reverse Lower Norfair.
  • Then to Red Tower, and going up towards Phantoon.
  • Early Powerbombs, then the upper Red Brinstar powerbombs, then maybe Moat Missiles (but that is unlikely, and the same holds for Charge-Missiles, since a second Gauntlet-Missile early on allows to be able to enter the Brinstar R-Tank room before the early Super Missile) and Phantoon (or the powerbombs on the way back after Phantoon), and the left WS Super Missiles to have enough for a CF.

(... Draygon Underflow route, mostly, with improved strategies due to partially equipped major items at different times that can be helpful)


Moonwalk most likely would end up being useful due to partial suitless Maridia.

With sparks at Ceres Ridley, one can reduce Samus' health to 29 so that Ridley will flee immediately, and one can kago through the Ridley door-enemy to start running from further left, possibly, unless one can kill the door-enemy and build up running speed from further right (potentially in combination with a running jump and kagoing through the door-enemy.

A Flashsuit obtained in Ceres would be lost immediately after Ceres, and applications of a spark seem slow in Ceres, due to the spark-crash animation.

On the way to Ceres-Ridley, one probably cannot kago through the door-enemy in the elevator room, so one probably wants to land on the left side of the door-enemy's ground (potentially with morphing and unmorphing, to shift Samus downwards, and for slopekiller in the next room) to build up speed in front of the door to pass through it fast.

For the tile room (on the way to Ridley), one either wants to keep the running speed using (spacejumps or) a mockball and maybe Springball-jump and unmorph on the right side for slopekiller, or one ledge-grabs the long ground to start running again (and in the speed-keep case, one might not want to do a slopekiller-setup in the elevator room) and jump into the trigger-range for the right door.

In the stairs room, morph-unmorph shifts and slopekiller can be applied on the way down. And at the door to Ridley's room one might charge a spark and spark as soon as the Ceres-door opens to trigger it quickly, unless a walljump-check is faster.

Screwattack in Ridley's room would allow to cancel Samus' invulnerability frames quickly to drain health rapidly.

If one sets up slopekiller in the Ridley-door, then one cannot use X-Ray to keep the Ridley-knockback, but maybe after gaining the stored knockback, one can set up slopekiller.

With the stored Ridley-knockback, it should be possible to spark from Ridley's room through 2 doors, into the stairs room (and maybe it would also be possible to spark through Ridley's door if one wants to set the spark up further right to have more speed during the spark when exiting Ridley's room, but any spark strategy would only work if Samus has the health for that, which means hitting Ridley 100 times (with maybe pea-shots, Screwattack, speed-echoes, sparks, spark crash-echoes, Grapple (?), bombs) would be needed, which might be doable fast enough or might not (while still keeping enough health for the spark).

In the case that one runs to the left out of Ridley's room, it might be possible (due to Speedbooster) to run through both or the later door (but potentially only if slopekiller wasn't gotten) and one probably needs to run into a left wall/door at the end to cancel the knockback.

In any case, when the stairs room is reached, one could use Screwattack to cancel invulnerability frames to do some quick damage-boosts in succession (to the right and the left) to reach the upper door fast.

For the tile room, quick damage-boosts can be used again, or spacejump/a mockball (as additional options) and can be combined. For the elevator room climb, a damage-boost at the end might be useful to land on the elevator quickly.


At Landing Site, one has 99 health again, and wants to go through the Gauntlet, so an option would be to charge a spark on the ship and spark diagonally to the left wall, or climb up there and then spark to the left past the bomb blocks, or to spacejump up without a charged spark and break the blocks with Screwattack (and/or bombs), but one probably wants to spark through the first Gauntlet room (and fill up health at the E-Tank afterwards anyways) instead of using damage-boosts and Screwattack to travel through or a running jump with Screwattack or speed-echoes with spacejumps. Hence, a spark from the ship shouldn't be worth it, but instead (after clearing the bomb blocks), one could charge a spark, travel to the left to open the door, and then spark through.

Then one would set up Cpadolf's 100% TAS Gauntlet E-Tank spark (with a bomb for the bottom bomb block) together with shooting out the shot-block wall, and end up at the left blue shell. From there, Grapple can be used (to clear shot blocks) and 100% TAS methods can be applied (to some extent) on the way down to grab both Missile packs.

Then, there would be the options to get the Terminator-E-Tank now, or get it after the 4 main bosses, on the way to Tourian. Due to having Speedbooster early on, a lot of sparks and spacejumping/running/speed-rolling/Springball-jumping speed-echoe strategies are to be expected, but on the other hand-side, one could focus on farming health after the Draygon-Underflow.

then, one can rush past the green pirates with Screwattack and/or damage-boosts (and wants to have 10 Missiles for the 2 red shells, for early Super Missiles and the Brinstar R-Tank) where invulnerability frames could be cancelled aswell, and at the ground, slopekiller could be set up for fast running-spacejumps past the kago room.

Not getting the Terminator-E-Tank early on might cause some heat damage issues in Norfair, but should be faster.