Practice Hacks

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This page is intended to disambiguate between the various versions of practice hacks which exist.

Total's Infohud Romhack

This should be the most up-to-date version of the Infohud practice hack used by speed runners. It offers a how-to-use tutorial on its page and should be read by first-time Infohud users.

Pinkus Infohud Branch

This is a branch of the current (1.42 as of the time this was written) version of Total's Infohud. It adds an additional Rerandomize feature which changes the rng seed every time a savestate is loaded, and also permits users to set specific patterns for Botwoon and Phantoon.

Github repository

This is the source repository for the practice hack, allowing you to use unreleased features, and build your own copy from the files available.