Race Hall of Fame

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A list of close, exciting, or infamous races that the community feels are must-watch.

Date Event Runners Commentators Category VOD link Comment
2016-06-17 2016 Any% Tournament WildAnaconda69, Leodox Mishrak, typwo Any% Youtube
This race was PRKD vs KPDR, and synced up right at the end of MB2.
2018-07-21 2018 Any% Tournament Croakomire vs nhammen, ShinyZeni vs HyzrQL MisterJGiggles, sloaters27 Any% Youtube
Zeni PRKD vs Hyzr KPDR, ended up being very close!
2020-06-04 2020 Multi-Category Tournament ShinyZeni, Azder FreyasSpirit, serberoth Low% Ice Youtube
This race was part of the Multi-Category Tournament in 2020.
2020-06-19 2020 Multi-Category Tournament ShinyZeni, Zoast Mishrak, serberoth 100% Youtube
This race was Game 2 of the Finals of the Multi-Category Tournament, Best of 3 with Zoast up 1-0 on Zeni.
2021-06-13 SpeedRunning Underground ShinyZeni, Behemoth87 SpikeVegeta, JHobz296 100% Twitch Youtube
This race was part of the old SpeedRunning Underground Series, and was hype to play and watch! Alternate commentary by Sephy and Hockey on Zeni's Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRz6k2uYAdQ.