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Item Randomizer by total, foosda and Leodox
Adaptation of Dessyreqt's randomizer that features major/minor item pool separation and more difficulty settings (including Tournament and Full Randomization). Also removes many potential softlocks and makes some minor changes to gameplay.

Item Randomizer by Dessyreqt
Item randomizer with very few changes outside of moving items. Offers Casual, Speedrunner, and Masochist difficulties. Players are required to keep their wits about them to avoid predictable softlocks.

VARIA Item and Area Randomizer by theonlydude and ouichegeante
(Very Adaptive Randomizer of Items and Areas : creates seeds with customizable difficulty presets, accessible to all skill levels. Can randomize transitions between areas. The solver part estimates difficulty and optionally creates spoiler paths for all existing item randomizers.)

Route Randomizer by Lioran
Generates a path through random rooms in a logical order. Features many customization settings to control difficulty and amount of exploration required. Minor room edits to prevent softlocks and allow travel in multiple directions.

Door Randomizer
Randomizes each door to create a highly randomized experience which may or may not be completable. Features options to customize how doors are shuffled, item randomization, and whether to allow backtracking. Check the Door Randomizer page for help getting started.

Arcade by Lioran and total
Room randomizer that locks the door behind you when you enter. Seeds, goals, and difficulty are selected with the in-game menu and allow for endless randomization of rooms. Score is tracked in the HUD for completing rooms, defeating enemies, and finding secret achievements. Submit your high scores at https://arcade.supermetroid.run/