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Conventional Randomizers

See also: Item Randomizer for general info.

VARIA Item and Area Randomizer by theonlydude and ouichegeante
Very Adaptive Randomizer of Items and Areas : creates seeds with customizable difficulty presets, accessible to all skill levels. Can randomize transitions between areas. The solver part estimates difficulty and optionally creates spoiler paths for all existing item randomizers. Can create "plandomizer"/"plando" ROMs too. Two optional features of VARIA that should not be confused with Door Randomizers:

  • Area rando: The original map is divided into 11 or so areas, and the areas are arranged differently: the doors that connected the areas now connect to a different area.
  • Door color rando: The unlocking item of each non-blue door is randomized so that it is unlocked by one of: Missile, Super, PB, Ice, Wave, Spazer, Plasma; and the door shell visually shows what you will need.

Item Randomizer by total, foosda and Leodox v3+
Adaptation of Dessyreqt's randomizer that features major/minor item pool separation and more difficulty settings (including Tournament and Full Randomization). Also removes many potential softlocks and makes some minor changes to gameplay. Some people also play v2 of total's randomizer.

DASH Randomizer
Item randomizer with a specific focus of achieving competitive balance for racing. Supports many popular features such as boss and area randomization along with unique modes which rebalance existing items and introduce new progression items. Allows runners to generate seeds with a range of settings. Additionally, the DASH team maintains a curated list of game modes which have been tuned over many races. Originally adapted from total's item randomizer.

Item Randomizer by Dessyreqt
Downloadable, old-school item randomizer with very few changes outside of moving items. Offers Casual, Speedrunner, and Masochist difficulties. Players are required to keep their wits about them to avoid predictable softlocks. No generating seeds in the browser, but by the same taken, can generate seeds offline.

Crossover Randomizers

Super Metroid + A Link To The Past Crossover Randomizer (SMZ3)
Combines both SNES games. Items are scattered between the two games, and you have to beat both to finish. (Z3 = the third Zelda game = The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)


Multiworld is an online cooperative game mode where multiple players play at the same time and items in one player's game can be found in one of the other players' games. By finding items for each other, you will eventually be able to all complete the game.

Multiworld Randomizer by total (same tool as total's v3+; select Game Mode = Multiworld)
The original multiworld for SM, and still active. Has been used in SM tournaments such as in 2021 and 2022. (Note, SMZ3 crossover rando also supports Multiworld!)

Archipelago Multiworld
Multiworld where everyone can play a different base game (for example: I play FF1 and find some of your SM items in it, you play SM and find some of my items. Can also play the same game.). Formerly called Berserker's Multiworld. Settings are like VARIA.

Door Randomizers

Randomizers where the all the doors may be changed to lead somewhere else. The first 2 are being kept up to date as of 2022.

World Randomizer by Aremath
Door randomizer with ability to reset with your items. Has various advanced features, such as adding more copies of items and boss rooms.

Map Rando by Maddo and kyleb
First randomizer to randomly rearrange all the rooms into a geographically valid new map. First released in 2022.

Arcade by Lioran and total
Room randomizer that locks the door behind you when you enter. Seeds, goals, and difficulty are selected with the in-game menu and allow for endless randomization of rooms. Score is tracked in the HUD for completing rooms, defeating enemies, and finding secret achievements. Submit your high scores at https://arcade.supermetroid.run/

Route Randomizer by Lioran
Generates a path through random rooms in a logical order. Features many customization settings to control difficulty and amount of exploration required. Minor room edits to prevent softlocks and allow travel in multiple directions.

Door Randomizer
Randomizes each door to create a highly randomized experience which may or may not be completable. Features options to customize how doors are shuffled, item randomization, and whether to allow backtracking. Check the Door Randomizer page for help getting started.