Reserve Tank

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Reserve Tank
Location List of Reserve Tanks
Effect Gives reserve energy

Reserve Tanks give Samus a pool of reserve energy. Each Reserve Tank increases this pool by 100 energy. Acquiring energy drops while at full main (or Energy Tank) energy will add energy to this pool.

Energy can be recovered from the Reserve Tanks either automatically when Samus's energy reaches zero, or manually from the Inventory Screen. All energy in the reserves will be used in auto mode. When using manual mode from the pause screen, you can save the rest of your reserves for later by pushing up on the dpad during the refill.

Although the automatic refill from Reserve Tanks will interrupt gameplay, certain objects such as particles from Charge Beam Combos are not interrupted by this pause (although they will not interact with objects until the Reserve Tank interruption is over), nor is the in-game timer.

Reserve Tanks can be manually abused with pausing to lengthen Samus's lifespan during perilous "hell runs", such as those performed in a Reverse Boss Order run.

Manual reserve tank activation can also be useful in heated rooms due to heat damage still being applied during the reserve refill process. As a result, a full reserve tank will only give you about 75hp if it fills automatically while taking heat damage.

Damage will also accumulate while going down an elevator, but will not affect reserve health. As a result, many RBO runners will aim to take the Lower Norfair elevator while low on hp with the reserves set to automatic. Once they hit the bottom, the reserves will trigger, giving them enough time to set up for a Crystal Flash afterwards. The same is also true of getting grabbed by Ridley at the end of the fight, giving them time to pick up drops, then the E-tank.

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