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Damage 120/60/30
Health 300
Size 6 x 6px
Freezable No
Nothing 2
Small Energy 32
Big Energy 32
Missile 32
Super Missile 2
Power Bomb 2
Invulnerable to:
Power Bombs, Shinespark, Screw Attack, Pseudo Screw


Shaktool is made out of two enemies and five link pieces. If any of the two enemies die, Shaktool dies.

There is the "air enemy" and the "ground enemy", each with its own 300 health. While Shaktool is moving, the wheel on the ground corresponds to the "ground enemy" and the wheel doing the arc in the air corresponds to the "air enemy". Once the wheel in the air lands, it will now correspond to the "ground enemy" while the wheel that will start moving will now correspond to the "air enemy". Therefore, it is not important to keep track of each wheel individually, only if a wheel is in the air or on the ground.


It is possible to get a handful of drops from Shaktool by destroying its many parts at once, such as with a well placed Shinespark Echoes.

Speed Up

The use of the Grappling Beam can speed up Shaktool. Even though shooting Grapple stuns Shaktool briefly, if done correctly it can also push its arm enough to make the digging wheel land a few pixels further than usual. The video bellow shows an example: