Noob Bridge

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Noob Bridge
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Green
Theme Brinstar/Green

Green Hill Zone Adjacent rooms Red Tower


Noob Bridge, also known as "A Bridge Too Far", received its name due to the perception that many players new to the game struggle with this room, because this room is the first to demand usage of the dash button to progress.

Note that the dash button is technically not required to cross the crumble block bridge, but obviously, the dash button makes crossing the bridge much simpler and easier.

Early Game

The usual strategy for all categories that pick up Charge Beam is to have a beam charged as you enter this room. If you fire the charged beam while standing still it will kill the Cacatac, where it will be slightly higher if you're moving forward when you fire it. As a result, if you're in a spinjump you can let go of all buttons through the door transition, Samus will fire the shot when she hits the ground.

Charge another beam while crossing the bridge, and fire it angled down just before falling off the end. Then you can select Super Missiles in mid-air, and fire one before you hit the ground. For categories that go down Red Tower like Any% KPDR and 100%, you can then mockball through the door, and for categories that go up Red Tower like Any% PRKD or Low% Ice, you can run through.


During the Brinstar Cleanup phase of the run, you can charge a beam as you're running along the bridge, fire it angled down immediately before jumping at the end of the bridge, and then speedball through the open door. This will break through the bomb blocks in the next room, in a move known as the blockbuster.

A short tutorial for one setup to get the proper run speed for this strat: