Red Tower

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Red Tower
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Red
Theme Brinstar/Red

Noob Bridge
Red Brinstar Fireflea Room
Sloaters Refill
Adjacent rooms Hellway
Bat Room



The first time through, you can Quick Drop the bomb blocks as they break, then downback through the shot blocks as you shoot them out. A small spinjump will allow you to get through the next set of ledges without bonking. If you're at the left edge of the glowing background pillar, that will allow you to avoid bonking any of the Rippers on your way down. A diagonal shot between the second and third Ripper will hit the door.

Once you drop Early Ice from your route, you won't be able to freeze the Rippers to stand on them, but instead you can use Hi-Jump Boots, and then walljump off of the lip of the ledge.

For the Hero Shot to break the top block, you can just do a single jump to follow it up, as opposed to without Hi-Jump which requires multiple quick walljumps.

A tutorial for that strat:

The downgrab strat is the fastest way up.

If you are using Early Ice, this is one possible way to get up:


The downgrab strat requires Hi-Jump Boots, so it is not possible in this category. This video shows the fastest RTA-viable climb at the start of the game:

You can get past the third ripper without waiting, but it requires incredibly tight walljumps, and isn't considered RTA-viable:

This is a more easier beginner friendly strat to go up red tower.

If you can't do the Hero Shot strat, you could take it in two passes, shooting out the block, falling down, and climbing back up before the block respawns:


The lower walljump shown in the KPDR section is in the logic of most randomizers, so you will be expected to be able to go back up once you have Hi-Jump, Ice Beam, or Morph Ball and Bombs.


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