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About the template

For the planning of new routes or the analysis of existing ones one of the ways is to analyse the paths on the map. Instead of using the ingame map which can be found on on the web in different resolutions and levels of detail (e.g. Super Metroid Map Select Labeled Maps) one can use a graph.

To save a lot of time a template of the complete map (without Space Colony) was created by 0xff42. The template was created using yEd (a free graph editor) which should be used for further editing. yEd also has abilities to analyze graphs with the usage of graph theory.

The Graph contains each room which can be accessed by Samus aswell as the necessary item condition to access the room. A door/room-transition is represented by an edge. An edge will always be colored showing which condition the transition requires. A room is represented by a node. A node contains a list of the following information: unique hex number as idientifier for the room(taken from SMILE), the items (and the amount) in the room, and an optional description (useful information).


Here is the file. (there seem to be problems with a thumbnail?)

Note: there exists a *.pdf version aswell as the actual *.graphml file of it which needs to be somehow uploaded aswell (this wiki supports only image formats at the moment). At the moment the other files can be found on a m2k2 Forum post I made


  • Change "Nofair" to "Norfair"
  • Adding the roomnames to the nodes since the hex code from SMILE may be identifiying but not satisfying for speedrunners.
  • Checking if all edges are correctly created
  • Checking if all items are added to the specific nodes
  • Checking if directed edges are set correctly
  • Extending the TODO list
  • Correcting the authors grammar in this article


  • Checking if all rooms are in the graph (checked by using "find" of each hex id in the file)
  • ...