Double Anti-Bingo

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Using the SRL bingo board (and following the rules for racing on SRL), racers agree upon a bingo card to use. Each racer will choose a column, row, or diagonal of five goals that they want to race to meet.

Each racer will then, in a circular order of assignment, choose another column, row, or diagonal for another player to use. For example, Player 1 chooses one for Player 2, who chooses one for Player 3, et cetera. These choices are not revealed to those players until the moment the race has begun.

The goals of each of the selections should not conflict with each other. For example, a selection cannot have the square "Space Jump" (meaning to collect Space Jump) if the other selection indicates to "Collect Plasma Beam and skip Space Jump."

Whoever meets all of the (ten) goals of their selections first wins.

Super Metroid Double Anti-Bingo Tournament

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