Kronic Boost Room

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Magdollite Tunnel
Spiky Acid Snakes Tunnel
Lava Dive Room
Adjacent rooms Volcano Room

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Kronic Boost

This room is named for the technique developed by KronicSauce, where you Damage Boost off of the bottom Viola in such a way that it propels you to the bottom of the Lava Dive Room. From there, you can Space Jump (KPDR) or Gravity Jump (PRKD) to the top ledge.

The setup shown here involves using Jump to unmorph, then holding it for the duration of the damage boost. The power bomb is laid near the top of the spike in the background texture, so that it's low enough to open the door, while not being so low that it destroys the Viola.

There is a faster setup that involves planting the Power Bomb directly next to the door, and then damage boosting off of the Viola before it gets killed by the blast.