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Minimal number of used beam-shots analysis (for PAL and NTSC, inbounds, without SpaceTime-beam) [as a generalization of the "beam-less" category]: (unfinished)

This section here is so far completely solved, except that visualizations need to be done for the TAS-only options and the humanly doable HighJump option, and that the X-Ray option needs to be confirmed (and then visualized).

Definition: The goal is to beat the game while using the beam as few times as needed [including that SBAs, Hyper-beam, Chainsaw- and Murder-beam count as using the beam].

The following 8 uses of the beam (which are also the only beam-shots needed throughout the whole game) are necessary:

1. One beam-shot for opening the left blue-shell at the landing site.

2. One beam-shot for opening the blue-shell at the bottom of the room above the climb room.

3. One beam-shot for opening the blue-shell at the bottom of the climb room.

4. One beam-shot for opening the right blue-shell in the old MotherBrain room.

5. One beam-shot for opening the right blue-shell in Blue-Brinstar elevator room.

6. One beam-shot for destroying (at least) one shot-block in pre-1stMissile-room.

7. One beam-shot for opening the blue-shell at the bottom of pre-1stMissile-room.

8. One beam-shot for opening the capsule containing the first Missiles.

As soon as one collects Missiles, one can use 4 of them to enter the old MotherBrain room and needs to get Missile-drops there, with which one can get to (the ship in order to save and) the Bomb Torizo room without using the beam at all, provided one gets appropriate drops (which is easier to get if one does not lose health beforehand). After getting bombs, one can always open blue-shells with those.

{(Ball, 20*M, Bombs, 10*SM, 3*PB, Varia, E-Tank)}*{(Gravity), (HighJump), (Grapple)[color=red], (X-Ray)[/color]}*{(2*E-Tank), (E-Tank, R-Tank), (2*R-Tank)} is the set of all (3) different min.-beam-shots-Low%(40%) options:

Ball, Bombs, 1 E-Tank, at least 3 Tanks in total are always needed.

In order to kill MB2 without using the beam, even if one has all 50 SuperMissiles, at least 180-3*50=30 Missiles are needed. Therefore one does not need to skip the Zebetites since one can destroy them and MB1´s glass-tank one after another using the Missile-Refill-Station. Metroids can be killed with Powerbombs, with a Ceiling-CF. one can get past pre-Botwoon-room, with e.g. Sniqq´s lavapit method one can enter Lower Norfair and via Shinespark-Suit using Draygon one can even collect the Craterian SuperMissile. In order to not have to use at least some Hyper-beam shots on MB3, one needs the ammunition for a CF. (appropriately during a Rainbow-beam to let Missile- or SuperMissile-count overflow) after defeating MB2, and for this fight in Low% conditions, one should have as many SuperMissiles as possible since each SuperMissile-pack is worth exactly 3 Missile-packs. The Shinespark-Suit gained that way shall be used to skip the poles after MB. Calculations then give these 3 optimal combinations for Low% conditions.

Without Gravity, HighJump and Grapple, one can via Crystal Flashes alone due to Sniqwc3´s Elevator-FlashSuit kill all Bosses except Mother Brain and get all SuperMissiles except the Maridian-Beach SuperMissiles and the Snail-room SuperMissiles; and only adding one of those 3 items allows for getting the remaining ammunition and thus killing Mother Brain aswell. In the case of adding Speedbooster, even if one could get FlashSuit in Colosseum room, one could not get past Everest nor could one get up from below in pre-beach room without using a shinespark.

Actually, after travelling with FlashSuit to Everest, X-Ray even in suitless under-water circumstances might allow for Slope-X-Mode via damage-boost using enemy knockback (which is possible) followed by a diagonal shinespark/SuperJump onto Everest releasing Samus with BlueSuit that could be used to get up in the beach room, and (inbounds) X-Ray-Climb would anyways suffice for the SuperMissile in Snail-room.

Max% for this category (without GT-Code) is 100%, and the proof is left as an exercise for the reader.

[For Springball one can use Ceiling-CF.; for the E-Tank at right side of Charge room one can use a GGG; Maridian Pirates can be killed e.g. with ScrewAttack or Echoes.]

Demonstration videos for the Low%-category in the case of taking Gravity: