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Hack-breaking analysis and low% analysis for hacks (inbounds without major glitches): [This here is in its early stages and further results in here may come for certain hacks at some point in the future. It might also be useful for Low% attempts at SparkConst, namely to see what item-combinations a corresponding low% run/playthrough could consist of.]

First of all, a list of hacks that do not have a proper ending with the Outro that can be reached, and hence will at least temporarily be ignored (although one could for these kinds of hacks also try to figure out what options exist to get to certain places):



Full Hacks:

SM. Ceribris (Version 6.21)

SM. Super Mega-Metroid X-2


Mini Hacks:

SM. Arena 7

SM. Dark World

SM. Few Room Hack

SM. Lunar Pull

SM. Mindfuck

SM. Perspective

SM. Phantom

SM. Platinum Hexadecimal

SM. Playground

SM. Ridley´s Revenge (Tyjet66)

SM. Screwed and Chopped

SM. Sil [demo]

SM. Shadow

SM. Puzzle

SM. Marathon

SM. Nocturn

SM. Vacation

SM. Arena

SM. Arena 2

SM. Battle

SM. Samus Returns

SM. Tubes

SM. Titanic Ceres Arena

SM. Enemy Scroll


Demo Hacks:

SM. Apocalypse

SM. Cider [Demo]

SM. Eternity [Demo]

SM. Event Horizon [demo]

SM. Fear [Demo]

SM. Rainbow City [Demo]

SM. Retaliation [Demo]

SM. ∑++ [Demo]

SM. Volta [demo]

SM. X – Chapter 1: Investigation [demo]


Christmas Contest Hacks:

SM. A Super Metroid Christmas

SM. Christmas Metroid


Halloween Contest Hacks:

SM. KT JDDD Halloween


One Week Contest Hack(s):


The Hacking Exhibitionist Contest Hacks:


Winter Solstice Contest Hacks:


Summer Fun Contest Hacks:


Mini Contest Tournament Hacks:


Half Hacks:

SM. Hard Mode Crazy (JAM)

SM. Warfare

SM. Special Metroid 3

SM. Hiper Metroid

SM. Zeon

SM. Bicho

SM. Kaizo

SM. Maridia


One Room Hacks:

SM. Avenger´s Hack

SM. Avenger´s Hack 2

SM. Confinement

SM. Enigma

SM. Escape (devonodev)

SM. Ridley´s Challenge

SM. Landing Site Abuse

SM. Legend of Doom

SM. Maze

SM. One Room Hack

SM. Speedbooster Practice

SM. Starburst

SM. Super Made in Metroid – Attack of the Rinkas

SM. TAS Practice

SM. Torture Hack

SM. Ultimate Challenge

SM. Yonpi Ks One Room-TR


Other Hacks:

SM. Insanity

SM. Rebirth v.0

SM. Opus 1

SM. Training Camp v.7.0

SM. Unknown


Remaining One Room Hacks:

SM. The Technique Trainer:

(Ball, Springball, Varia, Speed, 1*PB) = 5% = Low% is the unique low%-solution, and humanly doable.

Uniqueness follows, since even if one clips through the ceiling of the tunnel right at Varia which would be the only way to avoid Speedbooster, then in both directions one would have to collect at least 2 more items (that are different from the key items one already has to have at that point).

- Ball is needed for a 1-tunnel right at the beginning

- Springball is placed into the only (narrow) path/tunnel that is accessible, hence it is needed

- It is not possible to push Samus through walls with Grapple before Varia, and Varia is within the only available way, hence Varia is needed

- Speedbooster is needed in order to proceed at the only remaining path that allows Samus to beat the game without collecting 2 more items after Varia is collected

- 1*PB is needed since a powerbomb needs to be layed to trigger the ending

SM. Permastuck Practic:

(Ball, X-Ray, 1*SM, 1*PB) = 4% = Low% is the unique (and humanly doable) low%-solution.

- Ball is in Samus´´only available way

- X-Ray is needed for a force-stand to get past the ceiling and 1*SM and 1*PB are needed to destroy blocks near the blocks that induce the Outro

SM. Evacuation:

(Speed) = 1% = Low% is the unique (humanly doable) low%- (and max%-)solution.

- Speedbooster is the only accessible item and needed to get past the speed-blocks

SM. Permastuck Practic 2:

(1*SM) = 1% = Low%, is the unique (humanly doable) low%- (and max%-)solution

- 1*SM is all one can collect and is needed to destroy the SuperMissile blocks before the blocks that induce the ending

SM. Challenge (Webber1900):

(Ball, Bomb, Missile-item, SuperMissile-item, Speed, Wave, SpaceJump, HighJump, Grapple, E-Tank-item, R-Tank-item, 1*PB) is the unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.

- Ball is needed to get through thin tunnels, Bomb for bomb-blocks in the only available path

- Missiles are needed to get past a red shell (and the item provides 250 Missiles) and SuperMissiles are needed to destroy blocks aswell

- Speedbooster is needed to get past speed-blocks, Wave for a blue gate and SpaceJump, HighJump, the E-Tank-item aswell as the R-Tank-item are within Samus´ only available path

- Grapple is needed for a grapple-block and 1*PB is needed to escape after defeating Mother Brain

Mini Contest Tournament Hacks:

SM. Adams Hack:

(Speed) = 1% = Low% is the unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.

- since one cannot get through slope blocks or small tunnels without sufficient speed or items, at least 1 item is needed, and all other accessible items alone would not suffice to get to the ending, but with Speedbooster one can charge a shinespark near the tunnel to the left, get some running speed using the speed-keep after turnarounds and landing on the ground, jump diagonally high to a specific place at the ceiling where only 1 horizontal ceiling-slope hinders Samus to get past the ceiling and starts a shinespark as close to this slope as possible to gte through there

SM. Retro Dust:

(Ball, Bombs) = 2% = Low% is the unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.

- Ball is needed for small tunnels and Bombs to break through some blocks

SM. Vismund Presents: Spikes!!:

() = 0% = Low% is the (obviously) unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.

SM. Celestriaus III [very hard]:

(Ball, Springball, SpaceJump, Speed) and (Ball, Bomb, Springball, Speed) is the complete set of low%-solutions, and Low% = 4%. These are probably not humanly doable, but if one adds SpaceJump to the second option, the resulting combination should be humanly doable.

- Ball is always needed due to small tunnels and Springball is needed since the only path leads through this item, but Bombs are not needed, since TAS can Pause Abuse to skip those by rolling on the spikes where the horizontal gate poles at the beginning are

- Speedbooster is needed to get past the speed-blocks near the end, either together with energy and a shinespark which would mean that Bombs have to be collected, or without energy//shinespark (and in this case, the spikes can be avoided using TAS-IBJ. methods), but together with SpaceJump to use the re-spin ability and temporary BlueSuit to get through the speed-blocks

Halloween Contest Hacks:

SM. Hallow Eve:

All items except the green refill capsules (which do not count for the resulting %) are forced upon Samus within the only available path to the ending, hence Low% = 24% is the unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.

SM. Sam&Phazar´s Halloween Hack:

(Ball) = 1% = Low% is the unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.

- Ball is needed to get through a small tunnel leading to the ending (and one can get past a spikewall with a diagonal jump turned into ballform)

SM. Hauntroid:

All items on the way are forced upon Samus and are needed to get to the ending, hence Low% = 34% is the unique (humanly doable) low%-solution.