Map of CF-Mode initiation places

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Map of all CF-Mode initiation rooms: (last update: 05.05.2018)

Below is a map of all rooms (with corresponding room states) in which it is possible to obtain CF-Mode (via simply executing a Crystal Flash [when at least already 1 fireflea is dead during the CF, in the case of trying to initiate CF-Mode in fireflea rooms]):

In the green rooms, the room state does not matter, and one can obtain CF-Mode there. For the orange rooms, those rooms have to be in their inactive state in order to allow Samus to obtain CF-Mode in those (i.e. Crateria and Blue Brinstar needs to be unawakened for the orange Crateria and Blue Brinstar rooms and Wrecked Ship needs to be inactive for the orange rooms in there).

CF-Mode is a state in which sounds is stopped from occuring until a room is exited in any way, and during CF-Mode it is possible to hold (partiallyaswell as fully) charged beams by olding Dash (instead of Shot) while the X-Ray icon is green.