Map of Superjump initiation places

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Maps of all (I might potentially though have missed a few spots) potential squares (for NTSC) in the map that contain places at which the "SuperJump" glitch could be activated (which coincides with the places at which X-Mode can be obtained) via some kind of diagonal ground-type slope and knockback, or via direct spike-knockback close to the ground (without the help of frozen enemies as platforms beneath spikes), respectively: (unfinished)

The orange parts in there mean that certain room states are required for a slope being at the corresponding square (e.g. in the case of the attic in Wrecked Ship) or for a knockback-source being there), but the green squares show places where the room state does not matter. Also, in Ceres there would be one room that technically would allow the glitch to be started, but one usually will not have the required items there.

The bright blue parts indicate squares in which the room state does not matter, at the yellow squares, the room state does matter for SuperJump setups.