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Collection of maps for all (relevant) WrongWarps (i.e. transitions that lead from a given room into another room that is not directly connected to that room in the sense of the Zebes map) in Super Metroid (using Tewtal´s WrongWarp tool for Super Metroid hacks): (last update/check: 04.10.2017);topic=3204.0;attach=3337

[Tewtal´s WrongWarp tool shows all WrongWarps that all rooms of a hack individually theoretically can have.]

In this section, with "(full) room" I refer to the inbounds area together with the Out of Bounds area of a SMILE room. The green balls in the following maps individually indicate the rooms that correspond to the nets of WrongWarps to other rooms that those given rooms have. The exits of the WrongWarps (i.e. rooms into which they lead (but not the exact positions in the target room!) ) are indicated by the rooms in which the ends of the lines lie, for which I used 4 different colours: red, yellow, bright blue and violet (that have no meaning at all, and are only there to not let lines with the same colour intersect with each other, in order to avoid confusion).

TODO: In these WrongWarp maps, the WrongWarps that lead out of the Ceres Elevator room (7DF45) aswell as the Ceres-Ridley room (7E0B5), and the Wrecked Ship Attic room (7CA52) and Kraid´s room (7A59F) (which are indicated by green lines around them) are missing.

Some rooms also do not have any WrongWarps, and are thus indicated by just the green ball that does not have any lines leaving out of it. [In certain cases it might be helpful to enlarge the pictures or change brightness/contrast to see the content of the maps.]


Two [WrongWarp-]transition-blocks are said to have the same "[WrongWarp] type" if and only if they are located in the same room and lead to the same room (but can lead to different places in the target room) [and are WrongWarps].

Note that there can be transition blocks (for WrongWarps) that have different transition values but have the same WrongWarp type; and thus, rooms may have transition blocks with different transition values of the same WrongWarp type, but these multi-connections to a given other room are not indicated in the maps (for simplicity).

A given WrongWarp [type] is called "natural WrongWarp [type]", if there is an Out of Bounds version of this room that contains this WrongWarp [type] without creating the WrongWarp [type] via glitched beams or X-Ray-ing (in the OoB area). For PAL and NTSC, it is unknown which WrongWarps can naturally occur.

TODO: It remains to be figured out which WrongWarps can occur naturally (only via variations of paths through rooms, spawning at different locations, and using title demos, but not using X-Ray to actively alter level data at the OoB).

Every room individually can have different Out of Bounds areas/versions (that also depend on the rooms that were entered in the intro demos aswell as the order of previously visited rooms (and thus also the save point at which one started) because of the remnants that they leave in the general space into which the game loads the inbounds area of the currently visited room, and may also depend on the version, i.e. PAL/NTSC).

Every room individually may have for every WrongWarp type multiple transition blocks for the given WrongWarp.

WrongWarps of a given room that lead to a to this room "normally" connected room are not shown in the maps (since that would be redundant in some sense), but WrongWarps of rooms to themselves are shown.

Note that the lines that lead into the square in which the "Orange Geemer room" lies do not lead to the Western WS Ocean room.