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Open questions regarding Super Metroid´s mechanics:

Act(P): Is it possible to activate a CF. by laying a powerbomb above the ground and laying a bomb on the ground directly below that powerbomb appropriately and unmorphing there such that Samus gets knocked upwards into the powerbomb in a stationary pose for the CF.?

Act(P): Is it possible to activate a CF. during a loose elevator ride, and if so, what can happen (if one enters another room during that CF. possibly, which seems unlikely)?

Act(P): Is it possible to activate a CF. during a Flatley-turnaround (since at least it is possible to activate a CF. while turning around while standing/crouching) at the edge of a platform (which is used for Flatley-Jumps), or while Samus is crouching with temporary Blue-Suit, and if so, what can occur?

Act(P): Is it possible to execute a fast speed-/mockball onto a respawn-crumble-block-bridge, lay a powerbomb there, get on the other side of that bridge and turn around and do a mockball back towards that powerbomb in order to activate a CF. there?

Act(P): Is it possible to activate a CF. within a column of horizontal ground-slopes?

Act(U): Is it possible to apply the momentum-mirroring principle in order to get through 1-block- or 1/2-block-thick walls?

Act(G): How much space (measured by the number of blocks) is at least (for TAS) needed in order to obtain echoes on a horizontal platform between two speedblock-walls and treadmills everywhere in between, directed towards/against Samus´ movement?

Act(G): Is it possible to use a Reserve-Transfer (due to heat) appropriately in such a way that right when Samus starts to run, one gets onto a respawn-crumble-block-bridge and after touching the first crumble-block, the reserves kick in to make that block respawn while Samus does not move, such that one can use that same first crumble-block as a ground at a position few pixels further to continue running without falling down? Or can the same principle be used to continue running across a crumble-block-bridge with one 1-block-thick gap in it (without speedbooster, or with speedbooster at an arbitrary position within the bridge respectively)? Or can the same principle (combined with appropriate positioning and arm pumping) be used to be able to start running across a respawn-crumble-block-bridge after falling onto it in a stationary pose, unmorphed? Stab(G): Is it possible to apply the Grapple-Bombjump-Jump method in order to switch from travelling with temporary Blue-Suit via crouching and morphing during jumps, to spinjumps/SpaceJump-jumps with Echoes (by jumping during temp. Blue-Suit mode, laying a bomb above the ground while rising, unmorphing such that Samus can still get hit by that bomb when falling down vertically, and killing a creature with Grapple appropriately (possibly with a Grapple-shot downwards) for the initial spinjump, and maybe using L/R during the procedure)?

Act(Y): Within lava/water: Is it possible to use turning off Gravity to

- do a kagoball through a 1/2-block-thick platform while falling fast, due to possibly moving downwards faster while morphing?

- get into a crumble-block in a wall while moving fast towards it (horizontally)?

- get through a 1/2-block-thick platform in the ceiling (by combining turning Gravity off with morphing (possibly via instant-walljump-morphing) or turning around)?

Act(Y): Is it possible to freeze a creature slightly behind the wall on one side of a vertically connecting door, and moving towards that position in ball form fast, in order to activate the door transition while being a little within that wall, such that one would stuck in ball form in a wall at the same horizontal position in relation to that door in the other room?

Act(Y): Is it possible to apply the Shinespark-(deep-)X-Ray-Climb setup for doors such that, on the other side of the door, one does not get stuck within the door-shell in the other room, but even gets into the transition-blocks of the other door there, or gets stuck in there that deep that one can activate the transition via walljump-check (in PAL/NTSC)? [Because if the latter situation can be obtained, it would be possible to get to such a very deep position next to the door, and then X-Ray-Climb a little upwards and do that walljump-check there at another door with the same horizontal position as the lower door.]

Act(Y): Is it possible for TAS to get through the triple-respawn-crumble-block-layer at the exit of Lower Norfair via multiple CF.s and/or Springball-Jumps or force-stand via Reserve-Mode or the 2-tunnel ceiling-clip method?

Eff(Q): Does the sound of an elevator that is used not appear if a door closes/opens appropriately while starting to ride that elevator?

Act(E1): Is it possible to freeze a creature appropriately below a ceiling, lay a bomb on top of that creature, lay a powerbomb at the ceiling right afterwards (with Springball), start IBJ. at the bomb´s position (while the creature is destroyed) and activate a ceiling-CF. that way?

Act(E1): How large can the distance between ground and ceiling be such that it is still possible to execute a ceiling-CF. (without walls for walljumps), or is a ceiling-CF. via IBJ. possible (such that one can then get through 1-block-thick ceilings via Grapple)? And does this still work within lava/falling sand?

Eff(F1): Is it in principle possible to apply the freeze-sink method to the walking enemies near Wave ("Dragons") by freezing creatures slightly below the ground and letting the Dragons walk onto them?

Eff(F1): Do projectiles by creatures disappear off-screen (if they would not disappear off-screen anyways) if the corresponding creature is frozen (for example regarding Mini-Kraid´s projectiles)?

Answer: No, they will continue moving and will not disappear.

Eff(F1): Is it possible to use the effect of SuperMissiles that the room shakes a little bit when they hit certain solid objects, in order to let a creature that cannot move off-screen and is just one pixel off-screen move into the screen?

Act(E2): Is it possible to either get pushed into spike-walls or get pushed into walls with slightly behind it frozen creatures, by active work-robots, in order to start X-Ray-Climb there?

Eff(V): [potentially possible Pause Abuse for other creatures:] Are there enemies/(mini-)bosses for which one can use Pause Abuse when they are dead, in order to let them stay alive although they have 0 energy?

Act(IV.): Is it possible to start diagonal IBJ. at the ground on one end of a crumble-block-bridge, such that one continues that IBJ. horizontally across that bridge by getting back to the previously layed bomb by bouncing onto the crumble-block next it (to prevent falling down) after getting knocked away by it, and continue that infinite bombjump?

Act(IV.): Is it possible to execute diagonal/horizontal IBJ. with permanent Gunk-Deceleration within falling sand or within treadmills facing against Samus´ movement (with Springball)?

Act(V): If one has sufficiently much reserve energy and survives with 00 energy (via Pause Abuse), presses Start to get into the Menu, collects Varia/Gravity right before getting into the Menu, turns the reserves to "Auto" and unpauses, then the Reserve-Transfer will be activated during the "Suit-Collection-Animation", and it seems that at the end of that animation, one can start moving even before the Reserve-Transfer ends. So, what happens if one enters a door during a Reserve-Transfer (or what else can be done with that)? Or what happens if one combines the idea of the Varia-Blue-Suit method with Pause Abuse and letting the reserves kick in during the "Suit-Collection-Animation"?

Eff(D): Can Reserve-Mode force-stand be used for Zebetite-Skip? Will Reserve-Mode be lost when using an elevator into another room? Or what happens if one combines the Reserve-Mode or the Reserve-Mode force-stand with certain Cut-Scenes (MB2-rainbow-beam (and possibly enable the use of Start for Pause Abuse during that sequence), stand-up-glitch, Draygon-Grapple-Kill, saving in a savestaion,…)? What happens if one saves in Reserve-Mode (at the ship or a savestaion), if that is possible (will it be lost afterwards)? Is it possible to activate CF.s multiple times with either the powerbomb that was layed during Reserve-Mode for a CF. or with a powerbomb that was layed after doing such a CF. (since those powerbombs stay active)? Or what happens if one executes multiple CF.s in Reserve-Mode (if they overlap), and can one create artificial slowdown that way?

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Act(J): Is it possible to keep the Blue-Suit state after a Shsp.-Crash-Animation the way Namespoofer claims it at page 168 at TASVideos, which looks like this:

Answer: No, PJBoy says it is fake and used a hacked savestate.

What happens if one activates a Shsp. or a CF. during Samus´ Grapple-Ruptur state?

If one does a CF. in R-Mode (and/or additionally lays another powerbomb), is it then possible to do another CF. (with appropriate ammo and energy counts) at that same place (where either the CF.-PB or the PB. afterwards was layed) without laying further powerbombs?

Is it possible to activate a CF. while the reserves kick in?

What would happen if MB2´s Rainbowbeam pushes Samus into an item? Will Samus´ bodybox go through it and ignore it or will the item be collected and if so, provided it is a suit, what would happen during and after the suit-animation?

Is it possible to land on a crumble-block (e.g. suitless underwater) while unmorphing in order to execute a crouchjump on it to get higher (using ledge-grab afterwards)?

Is it possible to do a Shsp. while falling with Shsp.-Charge, if one kills an enemy appropriately with Grapple while falling and presses Jump suitably?

With Blue-Suit, one can roll on bright sand without sinking into it, so is that also possible if one appropriately falls onto such sand with Blue-Suit (or just Echoes)?

Will spinjumps break if reserves with less than 5 reserve enegy kick in when Samus is hit by a projectile during the spinjump?

  • Answer: Yes. This is likely because the knockback timer is still active when reserves are done refilling. Video demonstration.

What happens if one with 00 energy and manual reserves stands within a savestation while holding L (or R) (such that the textbox would appear after releasing L (or R)) using Pause Abuse, and

- releases L while pausing, triggers saving and then turns reserves to Auto and respawns in that savestation?

- releases L while unpausing, triggers saving and respawns in there?

Is IGJ. into mockball possible?

Can one multiply the damage that is dealt to enemies by Plasma or PB.s by pausing the game or collecting an item well-timed (such that some time goes on at the menu or during the item-fanfare, respectively), or by refilling Missiles/Energy at a station in a delayed manner suitably (such that time goes on during the textbox)?

Is it (theoretically) possible to use a reserve-bombjump (in heat, in order to lose energy fast that way) while the ball is close to the ceiling directly for a ceiling-CF before falling down?

Does Samus fly the same distances horizontally/vertically/diag. on PAL and NTSC depending on given amount of energy?

What happens if Samus gets grabbed by Draygon during IGJ.?

It seems that one doesn’t lose Blue-Suit if one uses Dash while running above the ground during IGJ.?

Is it possible to switch suitless directly from IBJ.-Sinking above water/lava to IBJ.-Sinking within water/lava (maybe using a reserve-bombjump)?

Is it possible to switch from the IBJ.-Sinking-into-midair-Springball-jumps technique within (non-shaking) water/lava directly to IBJ. above the water/lava (with/without HighJump, in PAL/NTSC) (maybe if one combines it with Pause Abuse and a reserve-bombjump)?

Is it possible to switch back from (horizontal) ceiling-IBJ. to normal IBJ. below the ceiling (by laying bombs appropriately to reduce height without falling down)?

Does X-Mode activation work suitless underwater aswell, provided one moves/runs/flies fast enough (in ballform) when touching the spikes in there (or if one starts a diag. balljump above water).If so, can one that way also obtain Echoes in X-Mode?

Is the escape from Draygon fight to the left side (with CF., Grapple, X-Ray) also doable with a cap of 10PB.s (and 99 energy), by laying a PB. in the grey door, gets a PB. from gunk and gets quickly back to the spot in the shell via Grapple?

If one executes a spinjump with Gravity turned on/off in water with SpaceJump and turns Gravity off/on during the spinjump, is it then still possible to execute SpaceJumps (or one of such) before landing on the ground?

  • Answer: Starting a spinjump with Gravity off, then turning Gravity on, allows for Space Jumping. Same with starting a spinjump with Gravity on, then turning it off, then turning it back on again.

Is it somehow possible to escape from the loose elevator ride pose (maybe at OoB) (without using transitions)?

Does the width and height of how far/many times one can shift the Zebes maps really depend on how much of the map was already explored?

If LNF-Ridley grabs Samus when he has 00 hp, can one that way obtain Shsp.-Suit or Blue-Suit if he grabs Samus during a CF. or (delayed) Shsp.?

What happens if the R-Mode Force-Stand happens while activating a bombspread or while the ball is charged for a bombspread?

Is there a input combination at the Yapping-Maw-Shsp. such that instead of a crash, one obtains Blue-Suit (or another new state)?

Are the slopes of diagonal Shsp.s in PAL and NTSC different (different angles)?

Could it be possible that if one pauses the game frame-perfectly while a CF. or Shsp.)-Crash-Animation) ends that (due to a skipped check) one obtains Shsp.-Suit or Blue-Suit?

Does G.-BJ.-J. even work without using a PB./bomb (maybe suitless in water), using perfect jump-timing?

Does the "low-health" beeping (for drops) depend on (Energy+Reserves) value instead of just the Energy value?

  • * *

What happens if one is in a firefly room in R-Mode, and kills these (will the room become dark aswell)?

Is it possible (with HighJump, a turnaround crouchjump, maybe in PAL) to jump through a 1 block-thick ceiling via IGJ. and grappling downwards appropriately (e.g. at western WS ocean room)?

Can one unpause the game suitably during

- a temp. Blue-Suit crouch and then stand up and move forwards without losing Echoes?

- a spinjump with Echoes and then turn around during fade-in of screen by pressing Backwards for just 1 frame to keep Echoes (if one that way could skip a/the frame in which the game checks for turning around with Echoes)?

After executing the Ammo-glitch with appropriate CF at Rainbowbeam, what happens if

- one refills ammo at a Missile station/the ship then?

- drops are collected, i.e. how much ammo can then be obtained (limit or infinite)/gathered and can one get to that maximum of ammo after using parts of it again, or can one overflow the ammo count once again that way, or what happens if Rainbowbeam hits Samus during overflown ammo counts?

If crawling enemies (e.g. geemers/crabs) due to a shaking room using a SuperMissile fall onto/in between certain slopes, then they can get stuck in there?

If one runs fast into a door-transition while X-Ray is toggled on (by releasing Dash after sufficient speed is gathered) and spawns above ground in the next room while holding Dash for X-Ray, can one then stand with Echoes in the air, and if so, can one then fall down with Echoes vertically/do a downback with those?

Can one switch from temp. Blue-Suit crouch into slow charged speedball (without jumping!) by entering the menu while morphing, switching Springball in the menu and then start rolling?

Will Shsp.-Suit be lost if one wants to use it to obtain Blue-Suit using R-Mode?

Do Chainsaw-PB.s destroy the breakable glasstube aswell? If not, can one use such for a ceiling-CF through the glasstube with Grapple afterwards without breaking it?

Is it possible to somehow execute some sort of ceiling-mockball such that upwards momentum is kept when jumping into an underwater room from a room without water and morphing as one touches the ceiling (while turning around in ballform)?

Are physics and or OoB areas in all 2 savefiles actually absolutely the same?

Could one multiply damage via X-Ray+Hyper aswell, in theory?

Can one let the reserves kick in via direct damage to Samus during a Shsp. to get instantly below 30hp?

  • Answer: Not sure if this answers the question, but damage dealt during the "windup" animation before a shinespark can trigger reserves, leaving Samus with sufficient energy to perform the shinespark. Video demonstration.

Can the textbox from a delayed Missile-/Energy-/Map-station appear while X-Raying or while reserve energy is transferred?

What can be done by exiting the glasstube room in certain ways while it breaks, other than crashing the game?

What would happen if one would collect a suit or would grapple onto a Grapple-block/-creature while getting eaten by a nom-nom-plant?

Also, what would happen if one gets to run in a nom-nom-plant with Shsp.-Charge and executes a Shsp. within it (vert./hor.)?

  • Answer: At least for a vertical spark, the vileplume will hold on to you, and your health will drain from the shinespark, until it lets you go. Video demonstration.

What happens if one executes a CF. at the very right side within the spikes suitably before Kraid appears?

Analogous to hitting the big Metroid often with Grapple while it attacks the sidehopper in order to delay the sidehopper´s death, could one apply the same when MB2 loses hp due to the big Metroid, and if so, what effects would it have (using stand-up-glitch)?

What would happen while reserves kick in if one would interrupt the death animation of Phantoon/Kraid/Ridley/MB1/MB3/Kraid1 (while Kraid rises)/Crocomire/Sporespawn (when it dies) with it?

The game seems to identify block - (and pixel-)positions if they fit together suitably (in the OoB area), such that the OoB area gets its structure, so is it possible to lay a PB. (inbunds) and then move to a position at OoB that corresponds to that position in order to activate a CF there instead?

If one collects an items within a room (with or without a capsule), then, since copies of it are in the room´s OoB area, would it be possible to collect it multiple times before exiting the room?