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Damage 120/60/30
Health 500
Size 10 x 10px
Freezable Yes
Nothing 4
Small Energy 10
Big Energy 20
Missile 36
Super Missile 20
Power Bomb 12
Invulnerable to:
Beams, Bombs, Power Bombs (half damage)
Damage Multipliers
Supers x2

Metroids are best killed using ice beam and super missiles/missiles, but can also be killed with power bombs. Grouping them together can save ammo.

If a Metroid touches Samus, it will latch on and start doing damage over time. It can be detached with a bomb, but they will latch right back on again. If Samus is moving over the bomb in morph ball form when the bomb goes off, the Metroid will end up a little farther away and give Samus enough time to unmorph and freeze them. Alternatively, Samus can place 3 power bombs to kill the Metroid. These will not detach the Metroid, but the Metroid will stop damaging Samus during the explosions. However, Metroids will only spawn one drop when killed this way, compared to spawning six when killed with Ice Beam and ammo, meaning that it may be necessary to be particularly aware of ammo counts heading into the later parts of Tourian. Exiting and re-entering the room will also detach the Metroid, but this is obviously slow.