Minimal item combinations analysis

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Minimal Item combinations analysis: (last update: 05.05.2018)

In the following, certain minimal item combinations are investigated. In this case minimal item combinations refers to item combinations which are for tool-assisted superplay sufficient to beat the game without GT-Code, Out of Bounds or Spazer+Plasma beam combinations, but in such a way that if even just a single arbitrary item of a given combination is taken away, the game cannot be beaten anymore in this manner with the remaining items of a given collection. In the following, those minimal item combinations are looked at that contain at least either Varia, Gravity or at least one R.-Tank (such that no extreme, optimal hellruns using Pause Abuse in Lower Norfair are necessary to be investigated), ordered by 3 distinctions:

  • Inclusion of Gravity (I.), or exclusion of Gravity (II.)
  • Inclusion of Charge (1.), or exclusion of Charge (2.)
  • Inclusion of Varia (a.), or exclusion of Varia (b.).

(to-be-deleted interim reminder info:

[Core = (Interior, Varia, Charge) = (E2, 1*E-Tank, Varia, Charge)]

[Interior = (E2, 1*E-Tank)]

[E2 = (Ball, 1*M, Bomb, 1*SM, 1*PB)])

Categories that include Gravity, Charge, and Varia

Categories that include Gravity and Charge, but not Varia

Categories that include Gravity and Varia, but not Charge

Categories that include Gravity, but neither Charge nor Varia

Categories that include Charge and Varia, but not Gravity

Categories that include Charge but neither Gravity nor Varia

Categories that include Varia, but neither Gravity nor Charge

Categories that neither include Gravity nor Charge nor Varia