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Non-major-glitched NBMB analysis: (unfinished)


Obsoleted map:


New map (*: due to Plasma, see below):


No-Boss/Mini-Boss (NBMB) Analysis:

[Major-glitches : = (using) Out of Bounds, (using) Golden Torizo Code, activating Spazer and Plasma at the same time. The Out of Bounds area of a room is always defined as the complement of Inbounds which is considered being the convex hull of all screens of a room that are shown in the Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor (SMILE for short).]


Mini-Bosses: Bomb Torizo, Spore Spawn, Crocomire, Golden Torizo, Botwoon.

Bosses: Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon, Ridley, Mother Brain.


Collect as many items as possible without killing a single boss or mini-boss permanently (after defeating the boss/mini-boss, the boss/mini-boss does not reappear in its room anymore) or temporarily (after defeating the boss/mini-boss, the boss/mini-boss still appears in its room).

[If one should also be able to go back to the ship, then the only difference about the following results would be that one could not collect Golden Torizo´s SuperMissile pack and get back to the ship without major-glitches or killing Golden Torizo.]

Items that cannot be collected in NBMB, the numbers here correspond to the NBMB item map:

[ 0 ]: Kraid-Energy-Tank cannot be collected without major-glitches or killing Kraid because one cannot get through the grey door in front of the entrance to that room.

[1]: Wrecked-Ship-Items [Gravity, Missile pack in WS on the upper right side, WS-E.-Tank, SuperMissile pack on the left side in WS, SuperMissile pack on the right side in WS, WS-R.-Tank and Missile pack in WS-R.-Tank´s room] will only appear if Phantoon was killed or major-glitches are used since otherwise the state of WS will not change. The only exception here is the Missile pack below the long entrance hall in the central shaft of Wrecked Ship.

[2]: Varia behind Kraid cannot be collected without killing Kraid or using major-glitches because one cannot get past the grey door on the right side behind Kraid.

[3]: SpaceJump cannot be collected without killing Draygon, using major-glitches or having Grapple (for this method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs88Jzbox_U]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs88Jzbox_U ), because otherwise one cannot get through the grey door on the left side in Draygon´s room.

[4]: Items in Crocomire´s lair [Crocomire-Powerbomb pack, Missile pack on the right side of the shaft in Crocomire´s lair, Missile pack near Grapple in the big room with the acid, Grapple] cannot be collected without major-glitches or killing Crocomire because of the spike-wall in Crocomire´s room that will only disappear when Crocomire is dead (i.e. the room-state changed).

[5]: The Missile pack in Golden Torizo´s room cannot be collected without major-glitches or without having SpaceJump (to get through the floor in the room with the statue on the left side of the elevator in Lower Norfair) or without having Grapple (to get through the crumble blocks after a Ceiling-Crystal-Flash in Golden Torizo´s room).

[6]: Ridley-Energy-Tank cannot be collected without major-glitches (if the method in the description of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6MYZmmIgzI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6MYZmmIgzI does not work) because of the grey door on the left side which will only open after Ridley´s death.

[7]: Actually theoretically, it is possible to collect Plasma while staying inbounds using deep-X-Ray-Climb in the eastern beach room near Plasma, followed by Sniqwc3´s step-by-step transition-skip in order to activate the proper transition blocks to enter pre-pre-Plasma room.]

Difference between permanent and temporary (no-major-glitched) NBMB:

[8]: Crocomire-Energy-Tank can be collected by killing Crocomire temporarily and then one can get out of Crocomire´s room without killing Crocomire permanently (i.e. before Crocomire-room´s state changes), but this is not possible without major-glitches if one does not even want to kill Crocomire temporarily because without Plasma one cannot stun Crocomire long enough to roll over Crocomire and collect the Energy-Tank before Crocomire hits Samus such that she will teleport back in front of Crocomire without causing Crocomire to fall into the acid.

All the other items can be collected:





In the temporary NBMB category, it would still be possible to collect the Energy-Tank behind Botwoon and the Missile pack near Draygon:


(add HighJump to get past the first cacatac room and then use a shinespark for the second cacatac room.)


Map squares that cannot be entered in the NBMB category, the numbers here correspond to the NBMB exploration map:

[1]: Tourian cannot be entered without major-glitches or killing the four bosses because only that causes the floor in the statue room to disappear.

[2]: Without Grapple or major-glitches, it is not possible to get into the room with Gravity in it and if one enters the room that contains Wrecked Ship Reserve-Tank from the top left or from the middle left side then one cannot enter the lower part of that room without major-glitches because the statue will not work if Phantoon is still alive.

[3]: One cannot get past the grey door in front of the entrance to that Missile pack without major-glitches or killing Phantoon.

[4]: Because of (*) (see above), the map-squares in Plasma area actually need to be added to the reachable squares.

[5]: One cannot get into the room containing SpaceJump without major-glitches or killing Draygon.

[6]: One cannot get into the room containing Varia without major-glitches or killing Kraid.

[7]: One cannot enter the room containing Kraid-E-Tank without major-glitches or killing Kraid.

[8]: One cannot get past the spike-wall in Crocomire´s room without major-glitches or killing Crocomire.

[9]: Without major-glitches or SpaceJump or Grapple, one cannot get into the lower part of the statue room in Lower Norfair.

[10]: Without major-glitches or killing Ridley, one cannot get past the grey door in front of the entrance leading to that Energy-Tank.

All the other map squares can be entered (in both sub-categories).

[1.Sidenote: Due to the inbounds Botwoon-skip method, actually a "No-Miniboss"-category is (humanly) doable even inbounds. 2.Sidenote: Max%-NoBoss (without major glitches) is (84+6)%=90% due to (*) (see above) (which is even humanly doable) and adds Grapple, Grapple-Missile, Crocomire-shaft-Missile, Crocomire-PB, SpaceJump and GT-Missile to the set of items that is obtained in the permanent NBMB category. In order to get SpaceJump and get out of Draygon´s lair (to then simply collect GT-Missile after lowering the acid) without killing Draygon, one can use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs88Jzbox_U]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs88Jzbox_U (which is still completely within the convex hull of the screens of Draygon´s room which can be seen in SMILE after switching off the foreground to see Samus´ actual position in relation to the screen) and then escape to the right side in a similar manner as this:


and afterwards in pre-Draygon room, one may for example use mid-air-Springball-jumps with HighJump to escape.]