Normalized Movement

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Normalized Position

Press against left wall: set subpixel value to 0

Press against right wall: set subpixel value to 65535

Elevator rides maintain subpixel position while setting a specific pixel position

Normalized Movement

Turnaround 2.16384

Mid-air turnaround, not against a wall on the left 0.32768

Morphed turnaround without visibly moving 0.0 from a 1-frame tap, or 0.49152 from a 2-frame tap

X-Ray turnaround (including with a forced stand) 0.0

Taking a hit 19.0

Taking a hit while morphed 3.49152

Auto-spinjump (No Hi Jump) 127.16384

Auto-spinjump (Hi Jump) 156.8192

Bunny hop (No Hi Jump) 113.16384

Bunny hop (Hi Jump) 140.49152

Crouched bunny hop (No Hi Jump) 113.16384

Crouched bunny hop (Hi Jump) 139.32768

Turnaround-bombjump 38.16384

Turnaround-bombjump (without remorph, either standing or crouched) 93.24576

Crouchlock turnaround jump (No Hi Jump) 109.49152

Crouchlock turnaround jump (Hi Jump) 136.0

Crouchlock turnaround spinjump (No Hi Jump) 127.16384

Crouchlock turnaround spinjump (Hi Jump) 156.8192