Notes on SM. Battle any% TAS

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SM Battle any% TAS:

Due to the suitless underwater movement early on, provided more of it occurs, one could have taken Moonwalk.

At 1:17, Moonwalk could maybe have helped to move backwards to build up a bit more speed to run past the bomb block wall.

At 2:18 and 3:17, the transition time could maybe have been shortened vis screen shifting.

Slopekiller at 2:33 for Landing Site.

At 3:30, he could have used 2-tunnel travelling using spinjumps and the downfacing pose, instead of a bombjump.

At 3:50, he could have pumped more ammunition into Crocomire, and at 4:20 potentially reduced lag a bit.

At 4:13, he could potentially have used a running jump (maybe combined with HIBJ) to the E-Tank during the waiting phase and gone back, since he takes the E-Tank later anyways, and additionally he could have executed a Spikespark for a FlashSuit in case it could help later (like maybe at 5:45 to spark through 2 rooms).

At 5:58, he could have shot diagonally through the Grapple block wall with the beam to open up the capsule early on, and potentially d-boosted at 6:07.

At 7:08, he could have used a fully charged bombspread from close to the door to open it with time delay so he can collect drops with Grapple from the left and start a running jump from there afterwards.

At 7:36, he could have used 2-tunnel jump travelling again and/or d-boosted off of the spark enemy to the right on the way back.

At 8:08, he potentially could have grappled onto the bottom right spark to d-boost to the left in the next room.

At 8:16, he could potentially have shot earlier and jumped lower and stayed longer in spinning pose to produce the drop faster and continue earlier.

Instead of preparing a shinespark from 8:18 up to 8:30, he could have charged a spark in the central WS shaft room at the bottom and produce a Flashsuit at the air spikes there or do a Slopespark in the room below using an atomic with a horizontal spark to the left afterwards that produces the Flashsuit.

And at 8:40, he could have grappled vertically from below onto the Grapple block after triggering its destruction via the diagonal Grapple shot, then release Grapple hanging to lay a bomb midair, grapple the block again and fall into the bomb to start the IBJ sooner and higher.

At the end of the video, he could have charged a spark next to the eye door after killing it and would still have enough time for a Spikespark at the lower right turret in Draygon´s room for Flashsuit (and potentially, he could have used the Flashsuit producing spark itself horizontally to the left to initially damage Draygon, and the same could be continued with a chain of Flashsuits).

At 0:55, he could have used a bomb, powerbomb or bombspread and used Grapple-swinging through the door to reach Plasma faster.

At 1:33 and 1:40, he could maybe have used Slopekiller, and for 1:47 he probably could have manipulated RNG previously to get a PB drop.

And for the spark at 1:50, he could have switched Draygon Bluesuit into a Flashsuit using a turret and carry it to this place.

For real-time purposes, he would probably not have collected Screwattack, and IGT can be optimized via permanent Pause Abuse anyways.

The door transition takes quite long at 2:59.

At 3:25, he technically could have started to damage GT using Pseudo-Screwattack (provided he wouldn´t collect Screwattack), and at 3:30 and afterwards, he could have double-hit GT with Plasma each time.

At 3:50, his first shot for Ridley could have been started earlier, from the top of the room, and with Moonwalk he could have avoided some turnarounds, and the door transition at 4:23 and 4:37 is slow.

For the Zebetite-Skip at 4:43, he wouldn´t have needed to turn off Screwattack (provided it is collected) using the Downback method.

Judging from the amount of remaining Missiles after MB1, he could probably have collected less Missile packs aswell.

And with a Slopespark at the Zebetite Skip using suitably positioned frozen Rinkas and a previously charged spark (if needed, combined with Pseudo-Screwattack and Moonwalk), he could have done Stand-Up Glitch for MB3.

At MB3´s death, he could have (if needed) adapted Samus´ amount of health for later purposes.

At 8:37, the door transition takes long aswell, and at 8:40, he maybe could have multi-hit some Mini-Kraids with diagonal shots midair.