Notes on SM. Cliffhanger any% TAS

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SM. Cliffhanger any% TAS

SM-Cliffhanger Kamb3ck route.png

SM-Cliffhanger my route.png

Regarding my route´s map and strategies:

Moonwalk will be turned on, because of Spazer room, Ridley fight and MB fight (and possibly few more things).

1: Bomb Torizo skip (using temporary invincibility to quickly afterwards apply the known BT skip method with the spikes acting as normal solid blocks).

2: BlueGate Glitch for the water room after a spark.

3: crouchjump clip through the crumble block for the E-Tank.

4: Slopespark at the hopper with correct RNG, with only 1 sidehopper contact.

5: opening the blue shell behind the speed block wall early and Slopespark with the ceiling Geemer to the right.

6: Potentially bombspread for the bomb block in front of Spazer, followed by a diagonal spark to the right and running jump with midair morph and unmorph into the water to get past the right wall.

7: Sidehopper manipulations and upwards spark.

8: Potentially a Slopespark using the refill bug and/or skipping through the first door with a running jump/spark or in multiple steps with a running start at beginning, then a running jump into the transitions leading to Gravity, far enough to spawn inbounds, and if needed, in multiple steps, or use of the Flashsuit.

9: On the way back, possibly health drops from killing the green platform enemies with powerbombs, for a spark and then a running jump deep enough into the transition blocks leading to Wrecked Ship to spawn inbounds, and back to the refill bug for a Slopespark.

10: Spazer allows to open the BlueGate from below (with e.g. a diagonal shot).

11: Use of the Flashsuit after opening the gate.

12: Probably a Spikespark to the right in Bowling Alley, then 2 powerbombs to kill 4 crabs each time (with suitable positioning of the 1st powerbomb), to spark through the room after the crab room, instead of clipping through the ceiling close to the left door in the crab room.

13: Probably manipulating the ghost´s position for a ceiling clip while laying a powerbomb to destroy multiple bomb blocks at once, followed by double-clipping through ceilings after the blue shell (by destroying the shot block for the second clip).

14: If one can freeze the refill bugs in such a way that one can clip through the ceiling, then the pre-LowerNorfair E-Tank should probably be taken instead.

15: Skipping Grapple by knocking the crab off of its platform and let it crawl on the ceiling to use it for a ceiling clip.

16: Powerbomb drop manipulation for Draygon Underflow, and potentially a Spikespsark setup for the fight.

17: Crateria route to Spacejump.

18: Destroying the powerbomb block wall.

19: Charging a spark in the 3rd Metroid room for a Slopespark using a Rinka in the 4th Metroid room after getting Samus´ feet a bit inside the shot blocks, for a spark after Big Metroid skip.

20: Probably a Spikespark for Standup-Glitch at MB3.

In theory, Ice can be taken later on aswell (together with killing Kraid), but it should save more time if it is collected right after Speedbooster, and Spazer will help for Ridley fight, since the Underflow cannot be done before the Ridley fight (in any fast manner), because of a BlueGate in the room after the GlassTube. The 3rd Super Missile pack on the way to lower Norfair might not be worth taking/worth the detour for it, especially due to the Underflow.

The Brinstar route is considered being faster than the route back through Lower Norfair towards the GlassTube room after Wave.