Notes on SM. Containment Chamber any% TAS

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SM. Containment Chamber any% TAS:

[Insert Dessyreqt´s unlisted any% theory tas video link for reference.]

In Morphball room: Running jump to the left with an upper CWJ directly towards the item, and down through the downwards pushing slopes.

Then to the left continuing with the Kagoball for Charge and back through the crumble block.

For the kill-count door before Bomb Torizo: 2 (probably horizontal, which can be done via pressing Shot+L at the collision suitably) Psuedo-Shots (to kill 1 bug with Pseudo-Screwattack and 1 with the same charged shot); or firing the first charged shot immediately to get rid of the first bug and kill 3 bugs with 1 more Pseudo-Shot (either with the Pseudo-Screwattack or the charged shot), followed by a running jump plus morphing to get past the slopes (without a bounceball).

Then to Bombs, a bombspread for Bomb Torizo.

At the gate room with the Missile pack: A quick spinjump with upwards shot instead of a bombspread, then rolling out of the tunnel and getting the Missile pack.

Then in the Blue-Brinstar E-Tank room: Spikespark-Unmorph with Spinjump instead of IBJ, followed by a GGG.

In the SM pack room: a diag. bombjump probably with falling and already unmorphed Samus for the knockback, and running back without d-boost or killing the boulder with a Super Missile, but simply armpumping.

In the snail room: Spikespark-Unmorph with Spinjump again and skipping the Missile, then getting Speedbooster.

After Speedbooster probably down through the further right speed blocks using temp. Bluesuit.

Skipping the Missila at the ceiling-clip spark, and some speedball in the following room with a diagonal Gravitation-Bombjump setup (potentially also via running into the bomb).

Then collecting Highjump and Grapple, and Moonwalk should most likely be turned on.

Afterwards infinite Graple-Jumps and a Graviation-Jump, skipping the next Missile of course, and killing Botwoon probably with a Missile.

Then Ice-Clips, and if possible: Charging up a spark right before Gravity and manipulating the screen for a Varia-Bluesuit to avoid the pausing and a spark with crash animation aswell as probably the E-Tank in the lava room afterwards (and probably rolling with Bluesuit in the lava instead of armpumping while walking, if it is faster).

Otherwise, instead of using the usual strategy (where Speedbooster is turned off), the new lavakiller method could be applied, probably aswell without the E-Tank.

In the Bluesuit case, one could use the spark right afterwards to the left and skip Springball, and otherwise, the TAS would most likely do a Enemy-Knockback Spikespark combined with freezing the enemy used, which would be done right after the speed blocks in the lava room with a Mini-Desgeega on the right side to avoid either taking Springball or a very slow temporary Bluesuit travelling setup.

Then Mini-Kraid is simply avoided, and in Plasma´s room probably a ceiling-clip right at the beginning to get Plasma quicker.

Grappling the Grapple-block from below through the ceiling in the room after Ridley, and then the remaining escape possibly with adapted amount of health for the climb-spark.