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SM. Dependence any% TAS: (from a personal message to Hoandizi)

This first route (roughly) shows the route that you used (starting at the yellow line, then orange, red, green, purple):

And here are 3 variations that I made (which sometimes have minor branchings aswell, depending on if certain room strategies are possible/faster):

General improvements independent of the route, and route specific tricks:

(0: It isn´t possible to skip the Golden Four statue to get to Tourian, thus Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon and Ridley need to be killed.)

1: In the large Brinstar room 79D19, Supersink at one of the higher up Grapple-blocks (note that in order to start Supersink, Samus normally needs to be able to swing almost a full 180° halfcircle from the top above a Grapple-block towards the bottom in order to build up enough speed, and I think a fall speed of 6 pixels per frame or higher is required when releasing the Grapple-hanging state) aswell as alternatively a Grapple-push through the right wall (so that Samus falls into the lower right door from above) (rough picture: but for the Supersink, if it doesn´t work here, maybe some other higher up Grapple-block would work) can be used reach the lower area right after getting Grapple.

2: In your route, when you come back from Phantoon and go towards Varia, you can use the shortcut in room 79D19 again (with Supersink or Grapple-push) to get to the bottom of the room.

3: Here, in room 7A011, after getting Ice Beam, one can ceiling-clip to get Powerbombs early which should be done in general to skip Spore Spawn (rough picture: ), which would technically also work without taking Grapple, but taking Grapple should be worth it.

4: With Supersink, one can most likely clip into the tunnel to get Speedbooster in room 7AA82, but I´m not quite sure if that can also be done to get to Crocomire without Super Missiles (rough picture: ), and with both these ground clips, one could get to Gravity early, and 2 E-Tanks should be sufficient for TAS to get to this place via a hellrun from the left.

5: In room 7A815, can the large green flying bug be manipulated fast enough to go to the right and get into the thin shaft so one can freeze it to clip through the Super Missile blocks for the route that doesn´t have Super Missiles here (rough picture )?

(6: In room 7ACB3, luckily the inbounds Wrongwarp transitions at the ceiling take Samus to OoB (because otherwise, they could have changed routes).)

7: In room 7D0B9, one could skip a lot of rooms if this was possible, but I´m not quite sure about this, since one probably can´t build up enough speed or cannot turn around (suitless so that the turning animation takes longer) while getting hit by spikes to avoid knockback to stay on ground with the perfect soft unmorph.

8: In room 79D19, an important question is also if it is possible to lure the refill bug beneath the door to X-Ray´s room while having a Flashsuit, and if it is possible to pause and unpause the game to skip through the door: And afterwards, one would collect X-Ray, re-enter the room and X-Ray-Climb up to skip going to Crateria and back to Blue Brinstar.

9: In room 7D340, it could be possible to do a Superjump to get up through the room quickly (rough picture: ), provided one has X-Ray, and provided the Supersink in the large spike room to enter Draygon´s room from the left doesn´t work.

10: In Draygon´s room, Draygon-Underflow can be done, and is required for the route that doesn´t take Charge (early on, or at all).

(11: GT has a mass of health, and it seems one can´t skip his room towards the right with a crouchjump ceiling-clip.) 12: In room 7D30B, 1 route would require that one can get back to the right, probably with a Superjump (rough picture: ).

13: In all cases though, one would use Ice to crouchjump ceiling-clip in Wrecked Ship on the way towards Phantoon in room 7CAF6 (rough picture: ).

14: In room 7CC6F, after killing Phantoon, one can use the inbounds Wrongwarp transition to skip a bunch of rooms on the way out (rough picture: ).

15: In room 79E52, if one has Ice, it might be faster to glitch past the Blue Gate with a diagonal Ice shot at higher ground (which is possible), than taking the tunnel at the bottom of the room (rough picture: ).

Route I (starting at the yellow line, then green, orange, red, blue, purple, pink):

This is basically your route, except of early Powerbombs & Ice with Spore Spawn skip; and possibly with Crocomire fight instead of skipping Crocomire but then running to Gravity and back; and possibly with a tricky clip into the X-Ray room (and getting X-Ray) instead of running around to Crateria and back to Brinstar; and possibly with a Supersink to get to Draygon really fast; and in the case of getting X-Ray possibly using the GT-route due to X-Ray+Plasma (probably without Scewattack) instead of taking the route beneath GT; and in the case that going to GT with X-Ray+Plasma is slower, one would possibly take the route through X-Ray room again towards Tourian.

(And this route can be adapted to use Draygon-Underflow strategies instead of taking Plasma.)

Route II (starting at the yellow line, then bright blue, dark blue, pink, bright green, red, dark green:

Here one would get early Powerbombs & Ice, then kill Kraid, do a hellrun to get Speedbooster, then one would use a Supersink to get to Crocomire for Gravity, then take Varia (since doing this segment the other way around with Varia first, then taking Speedbooster and Gravity and fighting Kraid at the end would probably be slower); and then it would continue with your route including Charge and Phantoon, but then one would go to Maridia via Brinstar if the clip into X-Ray´s room works properly (and otherwise one would go around to Crateria and then back to Brinstar and probably skip X-Ray) to get to Draygon (possibly with the Supersink to enter Draygon´s room from the left); and in the case that X-Ray is gotten, one would probably take the route with GT (again, probably without taking Screwattack) instead of going around GT´s room with the lower route; and in case that GT is killed, one would probably exit Norfair to the left through GT´s room after killing Ridley; and in the case that GT isn´t killed, one would possibly take the route through X-Ray´s room again to get to Tourian.

(This map also has numbers on it which I will refer to.)

Route III (starting with yellow, then bright blue, dark blue, pink, red, green):

This route would go to Wrecked Ship late, but would need the Draygon Underflow since Charge is missing for most of the route; and there would be a few Powerbomb packs close to the route that can be picked up for the Underflow method, and exactly 2 Super Missile packs would be close to the route in Maridia; but this will only work if one can get back at the place that I marked with "12" on the map (possibly with a Superjump); then Draygon would be killed and Underflow would be done, which means that Plasma would most likely be skipped; and possibly the Supersink could be done to get to Draygon faster; and I´m not quite sure if the route with GT or beneath GT should be taken; and on the way to Wrecked Ship, Charge could technically be gotten and after Phantoon the TAS would directly go to Tourian from there via Crateria.

(This map also has numbers on it which I will refer to.)