Notes on SM. ERIS any% TAS

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SM. ERIS any% TAS: (notes by Kriole)

A, what I would like to call, walkthrough of Eris, which is a hack of Super Metroid made by DMantra. Be sure to check it out, it's mind-boggling.

Anyways, I call it a walkthrough since I didn't really change much from the original route. I just sequence breaked for early Wave Beam, that's all. Some fundamental changes to the route would be to use the shortcut after Golden Torizo and then take the excavation site route through the grapple beam route to the ice beam, then ultimately the wave beam, instead of the underwater route (should be faster, especially with the speedbooster). Or, skipping draygon and spring ball by doing a suitless Abyss run (there are MANY convenient energy tanks in this hack... too many). I imagine this would save about 3-4 minutes. Also, picking up different expansion packs, opposed to the ones I pick up here. Quick example would be exchanging the 2nd power bomb pack for the one in the golden pirate artifact pre-room. A funny idea I had in that room was to try to skip the third floor by using wave beam and power bombs to kill the top 2 pirates, then open the door with the wave beam. That would save alot of time.

Obviously there are alot of improvements, therefore I was a little reluctant to upload this. The finishing time is 30 minutes, but I believe a finishing time of around 27 should be possible with a little more planning (this run was finished in about 3 days of work, spread over about a week). Anyways, I promised to upload this like weeks ago... The run is finished and all parts will probably be up by this weekend.

Anyways, DMantra did some really cool changes to make the game less painful to play:

-Speeded up item-screens, they were cut off at about 40% of the total time, I would guess.

-Speeded up elevator rides. Although this doesn't change the fact that the elevator rides still take alot of time, since DMantra loves him some fancy and long elevator rides. Enjoy the eye-candy.

-Changed a little in the engine (apparently it was a 2byte change in the code... or something), so that you keep your initial speed after landing from a spinjump. This allows for some pretty kewl short charge abuse, displayed after the wave beam and just before draygon. While this would allow you to keep your speed like... forever, the environment in this game doesn't really allow for extreme abuse.

-He also removed Mother Brain, changed Phantoon's sprite, added tons of damage to all the enemies, changed the amount of ammo expansion give, remade an item into another and added a new system to access The Abyss (equivalent to Tourian in Super Metroid).