Notes on SM. Exia any% TAS

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SM. Exia any% TAS:

At 0:44, one could potentially have started to build up more running speed on the ship.

For 0:54, one maybe could have skipped Highjump, in order to continue with leftwards infinite Grapple jumps (as one can see in my 1st Snes9x 1.53 v.7 movie) instead of grappling diagonally onto the second set of Grapple blocks, but to skip them instead for the ones behind the slope wall.

But maybe Highjump will later be useful, and Supersink seems to not be applicable at this place (even if one would transition back into the same room from above after touching transition blocks on the ground).

Highjump also comes together with Springball, as 1 item.

The upwards pushing blue areas allow Samus to stand/run on them and allow Samus to jump within them even in spinning pose, which occasionally might be useful.

At 1:00, he could have used a d-boost and 2 more on the way to the left afterwards (as one can see in my 2nd Snes9x 1.53 v.7 movie).

At 1:27, he could have pushed Samus through the right wall with a horizontal Grapple shot to the left middle Grapple block.

At 1:30, without Highjump, one could reach further with the cwj and do a spikespark-spinjump immediately to the right platforms instead of d-boosting quickly to land, and without Highjump, one could get past them with 2-tunnel jump travelling, and continue a bit before the platforms appear (as one can see in my 3rd Snes9x 1.53 v.7 movie).

At 1:50, he could have Grapple-pushed Samus through the 2nd Grapple block floor and clip through the next platform via grappling within the Screen Continuation PLMs (like in my 4th Snes9x 1.53 v.7 movie).

At 1:55, he could have infinite Grapple jumped diagonally to the right, starting from the isolated Grapple block (as one can see in my 5th Snes9x 1.53 v.7 movie).

At 2:21, one can get past this place without highjump aswell, by boostballing to the right, unmorphing and continuing to the right with a higher running jump, and Boostball also allows to clip through 2 block thick floors by rapidly mashing Left and Right.

At 2:25, he also could have clipped through the ceiling to execute more boosts and clip back down at the end, and even better, he could have mashed Left and Right rapidly within the up- and down- wards pushing blocks to increase the ball´s speed a lot and for a longer time twice.

And in general at places where the boost was used on ground, one could have used Left and Right inputs in some pattern to advance sideways faster, including places like 2:14, where he did run instead, and at the long boost at 2:45, and potentially at 3:37.

At 2:36, he could have used the left most pole enemy to wait there but clip through the ceiling slope above it with a ledge-grab.

At 3:17, he could have boostballed through the slope wall.

Moonwalk doesn´t seem to be worth turning on.