Notes on SM. Hangtime any% TAS

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SM. Hangtime any% TAS:

At 0:45, supersink and door-skip could maybe have been combined to clip through the ground faster than going around it.

At 1:03, he maybe could have shot the door with the beam instead.

For the part from 1:12 to 1:53, he could instead have taken the upper shortcut tunnel.

At 1:55, he could have killed the geemer from the right with a close distance diagonal up-leftwards beam shot with corect pixel-distance to the wall, to avoid collecting Gravity to not lose horizontal speed as fast in the upcoming room (or to kill the geemer faster), and in this case, turning Moonwalk on might be worth it.

And from the upper half of the next room on, Gravity doesn´t make a difference anymore anyways.

at the part from 2:18 to 2:27, he could maybe have used infinite Grapple jumps instead of climbing walls with Grapple.