Notes on SM. Lost World any% TAS

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SM. Lost World any% TAS:

Reminder note: The hack since then has been changed up into a new version which seems to fix some of these exploits, making some of them inapplicable.

Earlygame Requirements:

There would be a rather slow Missile pack that one can get in the ship´s room (and in the next room, a probably even slower Missile pack).

Afterwards, Charge could be gotten quickly on the way down towards some water cave where a quick Missile pack can be gotten.

  • The Plasma-Gatepole-Enemies will also be destroyed if Samus´ body moves into them (which can be done on 1 side in the warp area, but not the other side)!

After arriving at the warp area, there is 2 warps one can take, the upper and lower right one, but only the lower one allows to continue.


Moonwalk most likely should be turned on due to a lot of instances with suitless underwater movement.

First, one has to go to the left, then downwards (probably with a small detour to Charge, and getting the quick water cave Missile pack).

Then to the right in the water cave, and into the warp area, which has a quick E-Tank on the route, then into the lower right warp to Brinstar and then to the left.

There is then a quick Missile pack in the Brinstar room to the left of the warp room after looping around the room from the bottom to the left, up and then right without taking the slow Missile pack to the upper left of this long room.

Then further right-upwards to Sporespawn which needs to be killed, and the same for the Kihunters afterwards.

In the next room, an upper CWJ is probably doable (and if not, then there´d be a free Missile pack without time-delay since then, one has to wait for some platform enemy) to climb the right wall, and then continue towards Morphball.

From here into the tunnel to the left in pre-Morphball room, then back down and into the Yapping Maw´s tunnel.

Then freeing a snail so it can break some block (and in the same room right afterwards would be a slow Missile pack) and further right.

In the next room would again be a rather slow Missile pack. Then climbing out of the ground and back through the warp.

From here, one can either take the upper left warp back or the upper right warp into Maridia.


The Maridia warp would only lead to Highjump (and few slow Missile packs), and if one would go there now for Highjump, then one couldn´t get any other further items without bombs and would have to go back to the upper left warp to get bombs.

And if the route continues with the upper left warp instead, bombs can be gotten in a bit slower manner (but it is still possible).

-> Depending on the route continueing near Highjump or Bombs, the order of those items shall be decided (unless it is faster to skip Highjump anyways, or to get it later).

But as soon as Bomb Torizo is killed, the path between the water cave and the warp area is blocked by some enemies for which one either needs Wave+Spazer, or Plasma, or Powerbombs, or Speedbooster (or a Flashsuit)!

This means that the only available path after Bombs is the one to the left out of the water cave.

Case I: Bombs are taken first, Highjump is skipped.

Here, the water cave is traversed again, and few slow underwater-climbs need to be used.

Case II: Highjump is taken.

In this case, one would travel slowly towards Highjump with few slow Missile packs on the way and would then go back to Bombs.

In both cases, there´d be 2 slow Missile packs that one could get at the left exit of the water cave, and the route would need to continue upwards (where Charge could be gotten at this point aswell) to the grass field where another quick Missile pack is located (and a very slow one).

And now, the right grey door at Landing Site would be open since BT is dead, so the route continues here without being able to go back due to a grey shell in a cave, in both cases.

In the point-of-no-return-cave, a R-Tank can be gotten quickly before the hellrun in the blizzard and from that point on, the return path is blocked until Crocomire is dead.

Then through the second cave which is doable in a quick manner without Highjump aswell (and technically, IBJ could be used anyways).

Now, one would have access to the Ice-Cave´s warp at the lower branch, but could in both cases also IBJ to take the upper right path, which though would be a very long hellrun so that Pause Abuse would be needed.

  • Now it is to note that heat does damage only every 8th frame in this hack, so it does damage with half of the usual speed.
  • Missile packs add 4 Missiles, Super Missile packs only add 2 Super Missiles, and Powerbomb packs aswell only add 2 Powerbombs to the capazity.
  • Since jump physics seem to be altered a bit(even though this is NTSC and not PAL), it might be possible to do R-Tank Enemy-Ceiling-Clips with Highjump potentially at the Ninja-Pirates and as alternative to the Ice-Clip in Norfair for a PB pack, which would need to be tested.


Case A: Ice-Cave warp (turned into Early Norfair route).

Here, one would have access to Norfair (and a slow Missile) via the upper right warp, but cannot continue there due to a Ridley door (which has the same index as the Botwoon door), and to the swamp with the upper left warp, which is where the route continues.

There would be an E-Tank on the route early in the swamp.

  • If one takes the underground cavern (which one could do without Highjump, too), one would fight Botwoon who can only be damaged by M/SM, Spazer and charged shots, and could continue slowly in the underground (where Highjump would speed things up a lot by now), and then climb up to the surface where a Botwoon door is then opened.
  • Spazer can be fired rapidly, and Botwoon has his usual 3000 health.
  • Otherwise, one would end up in the same room, but at the far right and without the Botwoon door being unlocked and could only get Spazer instead of both, Varia and Spazer (and few slow Missile packs).

In all cases, the Bluegate can´t be glitched (yet), and Botwoon´s door opens the Ridley door in Norfair, so one either kills Botwoon immediately after entering the swamp or takes Spazer beforehand for the Botwoon fight, but in any case, Varia and Spazer is collected, and the route continues to the warp area.

This process though takes quite long, and Highjump would make up a lot of time here compared to skipping it.

At the warp area, one can either continue as in case B (see case B), or one can directly go to Norfair (which will be outlined now):

Here, one can only continue through the bottom tunnel to the left and go past the kill-count shell to reach the pre-Crocomire room (or take the long deadly tour out of Norfair, through the blizzard into the shaft-cave).

Right after killing Crocomire, the route would continue to the left past the Crocomire door for Ice and back to the Norfair warp after getting Ice-SuperMissiles via ceiling-clip, or an Ice-clip is done (if possible) to get early Powerbombs close to the Norfair warp room (after clipping with Highjump or climbing up the right wall without it).


Stuff up to the Early Norfair Warp <-> Blizzard branching (since Varia+Spazer is gotten in any case, and Highjump most likely too).

Crocomire, Ice, Ice-SuperMissiles, possibly Ice-clip for PB, and ready/prepared for the same options as in case B.

  • * *

Case B: Blizzard hellrun path (turned into Blizzard route).

In this case, one could glitch past the shaft-cave´s Bluegate on the left side and kill the hoppers to open the kill-count shell in some room behind the gate (which would be very slow due to heat and strong enemies) to get to some E-Tank and would be stuck since one cannot get Speedbooster (yet), so this path is useless at this point.

A better option seems to be given by going to the right in the shaft-cave, to get powerbombs, but a long hellrun (with very slow Missile packs, and 2 more Powerbomb packs) would follow, and lead into Norfair.

In Norfair, there´d be the early Bluegate path to the left which leads into a stuck, so one can only go down which means a very long hellrun where Super Missiles could be gotten early in a large kill-count room, but only if one has Highjump (due to changed jump mechanics for ceiling-clips using 45° slopes).

And here, one could go up and loop back to the Norfair entrance (or travel back up into the blizzard area through very long and deadly rooms) or continue towards Crocomire.

But since all those hellruns would take very long, it would make more sense to get Varia and Spazer beforehand as it is done in case A, and then to continue with case B.

The early PB and SM packs that are gotten in this route will only give this route an advantage against the early/direct Norfair route from case A, if further major items in case A take a much longer time to get.

But in this case, one would follow case A´s route towards pre-Crocomire room, and would kill Crocomire and get Ice aswell, and would go back close to the Norfair warp room after Ice.

From there, one can either take the warp or try to gather enough ammo for a CF to then continue towards Speedbooster [in which case, one could already have enough Missile packs, 6 PB packs if one includes the one close to the Norfair warp, and 1 SM pack on the way to Ice, then 1 more SM pack in the Ice room with a (confirmed possible) ceiling-clip, a 3rd, 4th and final 5th SM pack if one doesn´t use the Norfair warp but travels up out of Norfair for 2 SM packs in the blizzard area and does the early SM loop again for another SM pack).

  • For Speedbooster, either Grapple, or a CF, or X-Ray is needed, but in the CF case, this would require at least 3 M., 5 SM. and 6 PB packs.


Stuff up to the Early Norfair Warp <-> Blizzard branching (with Varia+Spazer+Highjump).

Shaft-Cave PB (and more), early Highjump-Clip SM, Ice, then potentially more SM packs for CF preparation.



Comparing both options so far up to this point, if the Ice-clip for the Norfair warp PB can be confirmed, then the route for case A should be considerably faster, since the path to Crocomire is much faster, and after the first PB pack, case A would end up being in the same situation as case B (except maybe less ammunition), since to collect the remaining SM and PB packs, one would need to climb out of Norfair into the Blizzard area for 2 SM packs in both cases, and would need to do the early SM loop in both cases, except that one would be missing 1 PB pack in case A, which though can be gotten rather fast by warping back to the Ice-Cave.

Continuation with the route from case A:

One either collects the remaining ammunition as explained in the above case A for a CF and then continues towards the Ninja-Pirates and kill them to get to Speedbooster afterwards and then takes the fastest route (most likely through the warp area´s new available warp due to powerbombs, leading to Brinstar from where one could go down and right) to the Brinstar 1-way-transition towards the green Phantoon shell area to continue there and finish the game.

Solution route:

  • Gravity and Plasma are right next to each other, and either Grapple or Speedbooster or Flashsuit (for which Varia isn´t available since it is needed for hellruns which otherwise would be really slow, and it seems there are at most few elevators where 1 of them is at the bottom of Phantoon´s ship which is accessible after Plasma) is needed to get them.
  • Shinesparks don´t drain energy, and fanfares take their usual time.

In the end, due to the shortened route without Plasma, Highjump might not be worth it anymore, but it is hard to tell and time estimates would need to be taken.

1. Either getting CF ammunition for Speedbooster, then using the Ice-Cave´s warp to the warp area, then past the yellow shell in the warp area to Brinstar, preparing a Flashsuit on the way (which is easily doable) to kill the Gatepole-enemy in front of the Brinstar entry to the pirate ship and going to Phantoon;

[2. Or getting Grapple for Speedbooster, then using Ice-Cave´s warp to the warp area, then past the yellow shell in the warp area to Brinstar, and going to Phantoon.

But for Grapple in the far right area of Brinstar, one would need to get past the Kraid door with Index 22, and Kraid would be beneath Grapple, which would be a massive detour after which one would need to travel to Speedbooster´s place which is directly done in case 1. anyways, so this option would be slow;]

[3. Or getting CF ammunition and doing Elevator-CF at Phantoon´s ship, then travelling to Gravity and Plasma with Crystal-Spark on the way (and probably producing a Flashsuit afterwards) and then going to Phantoon.]

Option 3. can´t be done since Phantoon´s elevator is behind the Plasma-Gatepole-Enemies, and there is no Suit or Elevator (anywhere close enough) for a Flashsuit.

Option 1. remains.

  • With a very fast speedball, it might even be possible to skip Phantoon, using the slopes beneath the left door in his room, similarly to the speedball out of Sporespawn´s SM area in the original game, and since Phantoon has 12288 health (and would hence add ammunition), especially since one couldn´t doppler Phantoon with Missiles since their fire-rate is lower, it´d be important to test beforehand if such skip is possible or not.
  • The only elevator in the entire hack is in the pirate-ship which is behind Gatepole-enemies, and thus cannot be reached without a FlashSuit or Plasma, and for a FlashSuit by other means than Elevator-CF, one would need to use (Gravity or) Varia for it. This means one could either get CF ammunition and Speedbooster and then go to the final area, or skip Varia and only get CF ammunition and go back to Varia for a Flashsuit to be able to enter the final area without Speedbooster. And going to Draygon for a FLashsuit should take way too long.

Varia-Flashsuit will not be considered, but is deemed to be slower.

Endgame Requirements:

The room behind Phantoon must be visited to trigger the planet explosion, and only the normal path past Phantoon can be used. Phantoon only takes damage from M/SM and charged shots.

Very most likely, it is faster to skip opening all the green shells that are spread around the planet, in order to get access to Phantoon.

To skip all the green shells, one needs to use either BlueSuit (or a speedball, but there is not enough space for it, except if an R-Tank is used for Enemy-Knockback-Speedkeep in the room to the right to extend the running animation), or a powerbomb plus X-Ray Force-Stand has to be used in order to clip past the crumble block in the tunnel instead of the Speed-blocks. Then, one also has to open a certain green shell for a grey shell in pre-pre-Phantoon room, and in order to get to this room, a kill-count shell needs to be opened, for which one needs to kill Metroids either with powerbombs or Ice (and Super Missiles/Missiles) (aswell as pirates need to be killed, but Super Missiles suffice for those).

And after this green shell, there is only 1 path one can go, for which either Ice or Speedbooster (or a ceiling-CF with Grapple) is needed.

  • And in order to get to the entrance of the end area´s place with the green shell, either a SuperJump, a ceiling-CF (potentially with Grapple, but Highjump might work too), or some 1-way transition into the room from another place together with (Plasma or) a FlashSuit needs to be taken.

After Phantoon, there are no requirements anymore.

Summarized requirements:



Super Missiles

Ice or many Powerbombs [for Metroids]

Charge and/or enough M/SM [for Phantoon]

Powerbombs+X-Ray, or a CF instead (which does actually work), or R-Tank+Speedbooster or BlueSuit (potentially via Elevator-CF or Crystal-Spark) [for pre-pre-Phantoon room]

[Getting Plasma is not needed since Shinespark-Crash-Echoes have Wave-Plasma damage-type, which allows to kill the Gatepole-Enemies as soon as one has Speedbooster (and can use FlashSuit).]