Notes on SM. Mockingbirdstation any% TAS

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SM. Mockingbirdstation any% TAS:

Moonwalk will be turned on due to a bunch of rooms filled with water.

Taking X-Ray in order to cut the path from after Phantoon to the room above him short and the same for the maze after Botwoon, doesn´t seem to be useful.

One can either get more E-Tanks and an R-Tank on route early on to be able to survive hellruns directly after Super Missiles in Lower Norfair for Speedbooster after GT and for Ridley´s green shell to avoid going down there again after Varia (route 1), or one can finish up Crocomire and his shell to then go to Lower Norfair (route 2).

The bright blue lines on the maps are additions to the routes that need to be considered, except that Grapple is taken anyways.

1: Using respawning blocks to clip through the ceiling for Ice and go back the same way.

2: R-Tank clip using frozen enemies (see TASVideos, the post that contains a bunch of Sniq´s movies).