Notes on SM. Retroid any% TAS

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SM. Retroid any% TAS:

Mechanic changes:

It seems one cannot crouch and not walljump, and one cannot morph midair (not even via midair-turnaround morphing using L or Down).

Spinjumps can be executed via turnaround or by walking without holding Dash, and one cannot run and the horizontal speed of spinjumps seems to be larger than walking speed.

Arm-pumping might still work, and d-boosts work (and aiming diagonally still works).

IBJ still works, including switches between 2-bombs-IBJ and normal IBJ.

The pea shot auto-fire rate is faster than in the original, and the cooldown after Missile shots takes until the previous Missile is despawned (i.e. there seemingly can only at most be 1 Missile existing at a time).

And since one cannot enter the crouch pose, not even from unmorphing, if one unmorphs within a 2 air tile high tunnel, one will stand in there (and can try for a crouchjump-clip).

With Charge beam, one cannot charge the beam, but the shots are automatically charged shots, and have at least close to the same fire rate as pea shots.

Item Fanfare textboxes are missing, but one can still enter the pause menu to switch items, and the hitbox of bombs is taller but seemingly not wider.

And with autofire, the fast beam-fire rate can be kept with Ice and/or Wave aswell.

It seems the game saves at elevator platforms (after elevator rides), and at least does so for the elevator to Tourian, and it seems all 3 savefiles will then start there (but not have any additional items that another savefile might have).

The game saves also at the Elevator to the area called Ridley.

One actually can morph midair during knockback frames, or more generally even: When Samus is in the falling state, so after moving past a ledge or after getting hit midair.

Missile drops give 2 Missiles, Rinkas do 32 damage suitless, red shells require 1 Missile, Rinkas drop Missiles, yellow doors require 10 Missiles.

The unmorph animation seems to be faster and might allow spikespark-like midair-jumps after enemy knockback.

Charge does not provide pseudo-Screwattack.

Zebetites are still solid and drain energy on a frame-by-frame basis, with 3 damage per contact frame.

The remaining parts of Mother Brain's glass-tank after the first 6 required Missiles to open the tank, can be killed by firing pea shots at the brain aswell, and the brain itself requires 20 Missiles, but one can damage-boost through the brain to skip it and still be able to beat the game after the glass-tank was removed.

Thus, only 2 Missile packs are needed, since they add 5 Missiles to the total.

The game also auto-saves after item fanfares.


Morphingball (in order to be able to do IBJ to skip Mini-Kraid, Bomb Torizo and Ridley (and Botwoon).

Then to the right (the E-Tank cannot be gotten yet and one cannot go down yet) and climbing up.

Then the TAS would either go and get the Missile pack down right before the elevator room to Norfair, then get another Missile pack on the way to bombs, and an E-Tank and then bombs and go the same way back and then IBJ up in the shaft room before the Kraid-Ridley room where IBJ sinking and a diagonal bombjump can get Samus past it.

And afterwards, one could farm Missiles from Rinkas (but it seems they don't drop health) and continue to Mother Brain and climb up the room behind.

The other option would be to get the Missile pack (and possibly the E-Tank in the same room) near Varia after bombs, but then skipping the Missile pack before Norfair.

Edit: In both cases, after getting Bombs, one could also reset the game to start with the collected items at the beginning and continue from there towards Tourian, which might be faster; or maybe one could purposefully die after getting Bombs to get back to the savepoint.