Notes on SM. Super Zero Mission (Normal) v.2.3 any% TAS

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SM. Super Zero Mission (Normal) v.2.3 any% TAS:

Basically the same strategies and routes as in Cpadolf´s TAS of SM SZM (normal) v. 2.0 , can be used (potentially including improvements from my notes on his TAS), except that some modifications on strategies would need to be added to get past the few more new obstacles on the route.

NO! There is an alarm sensor laser right before the entrance to the pirate ship´s warp to Ridley´s area, so this route cannot be used unless some transition-skip method or shinespark allows to bypass the laser!

Thus, either a different way into the pirate´s ship without triggering the alarm needs to be found, or more lvl locks (lvl 3 and/or lvl 4) must be unlocked!


In Norfair, the TAS would get the early Norfair PB pack (since the bottom and top route into the pirate ship´s Couble-Ice-Clip room require powerbombs, if one doesn´t want to trigger the alarm) after Speedbooster before Ice (potentially with a Spikespark for a Flashsuit).

Then there is 2 options:

1. Either in room 7B40A, the TAS would continue to the right using the tunnel to 1 of the Switches for the pirate ship´s X-Ray and charge a spark and fall down through speed blocks and Slope-Recharge-Run to the right and blow up the GlassTube on the right side and climb into the tunnel leading into the pirate ship´s interior and use sparks there to get back to the Double-Ice-Clip room.

2. Or, the TAS would spark through the left wall in room 7DDF3 and climb up to the top of the ship, spark to the right in the long top room (using Slope-Recharge), enter the ship´s top right part and get a Flashsuit probably via Slopespark if the Workrobots further down in the ship aren´t active to spark past that room and get to the tunnel in the Double-Ice-Clip room.