Notes on SM. Vino any% TAS

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SM Vino any% TAS: (unfinished notes)

Earlygame route:

New Ceres with enemies on the way to Ridley which can be used to damage Samus early on.

Starting on Landing Site, there is only 1 path, which leads down to Blue Brinstar for Morphball.

Then it continues to the right with a kill-count shell for a Missile pack (and further to the right would be a very slow Missile pack).

Then through old MB room to awake the planet, and the only available path leads to Bomb Torizo (and one could get a very slow Missile pack at the last item room for 100% runs) which cannot be skipped for Bombs.

Afterwards, the route continues to the left through Terminator room which would contain a quick E-Tank and to Brinstar after the Kagos.

In the early Super Missile area, there´d be an R-Tank and 3 slow Missile packs that one could get, and with the R-Tank, one could probably get the Powerbomb down in the Etecoon area using an Enemy-R-Tank-Ceiling-Clip, but this would take extremely long.

Depending on if one can take the R-Tank, refill some energy at the Kago in the previous room and lure the Kihunter down to get the SM pack there (even though one would need to open the capsule beforehand or at the same time or quickly afterwards with another clip) with an Enemy-R-Tank-Ceiling-Clip, the otherwise necessary long detour past Sporespawn for Super Missiles can be skipped or not.

ut in both cases, in Charge Beam room, there would be a slow Missile pack, but the route continues downwards and uses some 2-tunnel-jump travelling to get Powerbombs quickly in the Sidehopper room to the left of Charge Beam room.

In the right Pink Brinstar E-Tank room there´d be a very slow E-Tank, but Charge Beam might be gotten before continuing through the Green Hills room (which contains a slow Missile pack).

A 2nd PB pack could be gotten somewhat slowly in Blue Brinstar.

In Red Tower, one can either go up (where another, but rather slow PB pack would be located in the early PB room, and another PB pack in the sidehopper room further above), but one could not proceed to Wrecked Ship (yet) due to a Bluegate which requires Wave, so one has to go down (unless the additional PB packs will be needed later on and can´t be gotten in a faster manner elsewhere).

Spazer could very slowly be gotten on the way to the Norfair elevator room, where one could continue to Kraid´s lair for Varia, but the path to Kraid is rather long (and could be traversed back and forth faster with Speedbooster).

In Highjump´s room would be Highjump and could technically be gotten.

Ice Beam is at Ice Beam´s place and requires either Speedbooster or Ceiling-CF with Grapple, or Varia-Flashsuit/Elevator-Flashsuit (which would mean that one would have to run back to the early SM room for the SM pack there).

With a hellrun (if Varia isn´t gotten beforehand) one could directly take the Crocomire return path reversely (with a GGG on the way) for Grapple (and a PB pack), if needed.

But for Speedbooster, Crocomire needs to be killed.

The remaining route is problematic since one would like to do Underflow at Draygon but needs Screwattack or Speedbooster to get to Draygon, and Screwattack would be in Western Ocean room and one would need Wave which is at Lower Norfair´s exit (where one could easily break into LNF) or one would need to take the Forgotten Highway to Wrecked Ship to get to Phantoon, Screwattack and Gravity to then finish off Maridia and backtrack all the way down to Ridley, and the other option would be to collect a lot more ammunition and weapons (which takes a lot of time aswell) for a faster Ridley fight early on and then do Draygon and Phantoon.


Ball, Missiles, Bombs, Powerbombs, Speedbooster (or very slow Bluesuit via Flashsuit, or a lot of Flashsuits).

All Golden 4 bosses need to be killed for access to Tourian.