Notes on SM. YPR any% TAS

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SM. YPR any% TAS: (rapidfire-echoes might be applicable to deal enough damage at the end game section that contains many strong enemies)

Earlygame route:

[Ceres is as usual.]

At Crateria, there is only the way through the Gauntlet with Morphingball.

There is only 1 path one can take, which leads to Brinstar for Missiles into the early SuperMissile room with a kill-count shell (and the door to the Golden4 room requires 100% of all items).

Then the only path leads back to Crateria through the red shell at the Gauntlet shaft, and in the 2nd room after the Gauntlet shaft, there´d be a rather slow E-Tank.

Then down in Parlor, to the right into the Craterian SM room to continue downwards for BT´s room, which awakens the planet, for Bombs, and afterwards one has to go back up.

In Parlor, one has to go left, and there´d be a quick Missile pack in the next room (and a slow Missile pack afterwards) before going back to Brinstar.

In the Brinstar Elevator room, one could get another Missile pack rather quickly on the way down, if needed, and the only available path continues to the right with a very fast E-Tank in Dachora room.

If Grapple will be needed later on, it would now be gotten behind Sporespawn before going to Red Tower.

In the Treadmill maze in Charge room, one can quickly get past the slope-obstacles the reverse way with a running jump, mid-air morphing and few bombs, so that one can either directly take the path with the E-Tank to the exit on the right, or if it turns out to save time later, Spazer can be gotten beforehand.

Now in Red Tower, one can either go up towards Wrecked Ship (with 1 very slow Missile pack on the way) or down.

Since the path to Wrecked Ship doesn´t allow any further progress, the route continues downwards.

In pre-X-Ray room, there´d be a very slow E-Tank, and 1 further slow E-Tank in Spazer´s room.

  • There are a few strange effects built into some places in the hack that can´t be seen in SMILE, such as Samus being teleported downwards about 1 screen in the Turtle room´s upper part of the thin shaft with the E-Tank, and lava in the Dachora room being removed as soon as destroying the Powerbomb block structures down there next to the stairs, and maybe more?

If one would go to Maridia now, one couldn´t get far and there´d at most be 1 extremely slow E-Tank, so the route continues either towards Kraid for Super Missiles, which would take forever, or in Norfair.

  • Powerbombs cannot open Bluegates, Spazer shots travel really fast, some bosses are sped up, lava does damage extremely slowly in this hack, and Golden Torizo´s behavior allows him to warp, and Hyper Beam can be obtained in Tourian instead of the end of the game.

Getting Super Missiles behind Kraid will be skipped, since in Norfair, one can quickly go to the right past the Savestation for Varia and continue downwards for the lower route around Bubble Mountain room (instead of getting Ice in pre-Crocomire room very slowly via the upper left path and clip through the floor in Bubble Mountain) to get to Speedbooster.

  • There isn´t that much movement within fluids, so it isn´t quite clear if Moonwalk should be turned on (but Moonwalk could be useful at Crocomire aswell due to the fluid in his room), but only rather few Missile packs should be needed.

After Speedbooster, the Super Missile pack in Norfair R-Tank room is gotten for Crocomire´s shell (and there´d be a very fast Missile pack on the way).

Then, the route directly continues towards Crocomire, and afterwards, the 4 Bluegates are glitched using Spazer, and the remaining route is explained in the Endgame routing section.

Endgame route:

The credits are triggered as soon as the Zebetite behind Ridley is destroyed, and it needs to be tested if Ridley can be skipped using an R-Tank and triggering it while getting grabbed (and potentially manipulating Ridley´s movement during the grab with a Powerbomb right before he grabs Samus), to be able to trigger the transition when Ridley flies close enough to the lower left door.

And there are 3 Kihunters that need to be killed before Ridley´s room for a kill-count shell, and they all have 57960 hp, and require about 19 charged WIP shots, or a bunch of hits by blue speed echoes/shinesparks/spark echoes, but can be killed immediately with ScrewAttack.

ScrewAttack is located right before those 3 Kihunters, and to get past the kill-count shell in front of ScrewAttack and the entrance to Ridley´s room, a bunch of very strong enemies needs to be killed (since just entering and exiting their rooms doesn´t work, and it seems one can´t kill any of the non off-screen moving yellow pirates in the ScrewAttack room).

For the 4 special enemy kill-count rooms, the lower right one with the respawning Geemers doesn´t require any powerful weapons, since simple pea shots kill them (but their explosions might cause some lag depending on how they were killed).

Regarding the upper right and lower left special kill-count room, the fastest option seems to be using blue speed echoes by killing the Kihunter (57960 health) and the Mini-Kraid (16384 health) after long enough contact.

For the 2 Ninja-Pirates (10240 health each), it seems repeatedly using spark crash echoes via Spikesparks would have most effect to get rid of them quickly.

Due to all of this, it seems getting Speedbooster would really be worth it, and maybe blue speed echoes would also allow to skip ScrewAttack for the final 3 Kihunters.

And right before this special kill-count room, there is a fast E-Tank on the way, and since there is so many heated rooms, Varia (or Gravity) needs to be collected.

Crocomire´s lair seems perfect as path towards Lower Norfair (with the hidden tunnel entrance) and Ridley, since Spazer allows to glitch past the 4 Bluegates to get Wave faster (with a spark through the slope beneath Wave, since one has Speedbooster), and an R-Tank on the way in the room for which one needs Wave for a Bluegate.

At the entrance to Lower Norfair, there´d be 2 SM packs, 1 PB pack and an E-Tank, among which probably at most the E-Tank and PB pack (for the Ridley skip setup) could be useful.

  • Ridley has the usual vulnerabilities and has 32000 health, which means that this route depends on if the R-Tank Ridley skip is possible.

Requirements: Ball, Missiles, Bombs,...