Notes on SM. YP Hell any% TAS

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SM YP Hell any% TAS:

Probably ledge-grabs would be used for most of the 2 block wide platforms before the first savestation room.

Then, Morphingball is gotten and Bombs probably after some CWJs on the upper platforms.

At the 2 Geemers at the gate, one could slowly do IBJ-sinking and then get past the gate´s platform beneath it with a horizontal bombjump (since one cannot touch the spikes or enemies without health reaching 00, for which very slow Pause Abuse would then be needed), but in the opened gate´s case with the Geemers on the platform there is a quick bombjump method to get past them (as one can see in my Snes9x v.1.53 movie), so either this would be done in combination with an upwards shot between the horizontal ceiling slope and the solid block to its left to open the left gate in a fast manner on the way, or the TAS would let (most likely only) the fast Geemer run far enough onto the gate and afterwards do the upwards shot to open the gate which would take a bit time aswell, to then get past the slow Geemer on the platform in an easier way.

Hence, the TAS should get to the Geemers as soon as possible (probably by bombing the 2 bomb blocks in the ground at the first gate).

As soon as Morphingball is gotten, perfect soft unmorphs/"slopekiller" can be used aswell.

Highjump is collected next (since in general, Samus´ movement isn´t retricted anywhere as long as normally during the fanfare, and as long as no transitions need to be done right after items are gotten due to additional door transition time otherwise, the items would cost just very little time to get fanfare-wise).

Getting the E-Tank afterwards would cost quite some transition time, so the following parts of the hack will decide if the E-Tank should be gotten or not.

It should be worth getting Springball on the way though, and with slopekiller, the treadmills´ effect at the end of the Springball room can be avoided.

In the kill-count room with the 5 Atomics that need to be killed (since killing the ghost would take forever since it has a mass of health), the upper most Atomic is gotten rid of first.

One cannot ceiling-clip into any of the square mazes, so the TAS would countinue with the 2 Atomics in there, but it seems impossible to hit the Atomic to the right in there using diagonal down-leftwards shots through the wall (and diagonal up-leftwards shots mid-air cannot get through the wall due to the insufficient distance, even though they can go through from ground but then don´t hit either).

  • The jump height seems to be reduced, compared to the original game, such that no ceiling-clips seem to be possible without Highjump (but they are possible with Highjump).

Routing-wise, one could start going towards the right or the left Atomic (since one could Springball-jump out of the tunnel holes to avoid falling down and climbing back up again) in the maze and would Springball-jump or unmorph on crumble blocks and crouchjump off of them to get to the left Atomic, and then go through the lower crumble blocks and roll back to get to the other Atomic (while always letting the ghost spawn far away).

The bottom left Atomic would follow, and the bottom right one would be last.

If an E-Tank is taken, then it should be this next one instead of the previous one, since this E-Tank´s fanfare shouldn´t delay the next transition as much.

If one takes this E-Tank, the TAS could quickly jump off to the right (starting at the E-Tank´s place) for a DIBJ into the upper most spike at the overhang to do a Spikespark Unmorph there to spinjump up from mid-air.

The moat could quickly be solved using a CWJ.

  • At the green platforms it might be possible to walljump off of the lowest platform all the time to travel with it.
  • Even with both E-Tanks, one could at most survive 4 spike hits (in a row).

If the TAS would skip Grapple, it would either need very slow bombjumping to avoid spikes, or would get hit by spikes at least 3 times after the Crumble-Grapple block, which would mean that at most 1 spike hit could be taken before that point which means that either very slow IBJ would be used, or the green platforms.

And if the platforms are used at least at the beginning anyways, getting Grapple should speed the later part up, so this is what the TAS would do.

So the green enemy platforms would be used up to the mockball to Grapple, and with Grapple one could avoid 1 spike hit and still continue fast in a similar manner as one can see in my 2nd Snes9x 1.53 movie, which would require both E-Tanks though.

With only 1 E-Tank one could only get hit by spikes twice though, which means one would have to wait fully for the upper most green platform enemy, which should turn out to be slower.

The Missile pack would then most likely be skipped in a manner as shown in my 3rd Snes9x 1.53 movie, except that the 2nd Missile pack would be collected for more efficient Phantoon dopplerings.

Afterwards, the SM pack could be gotten or not, depending on if it allows to speed up the Phantoon fight by finishing him off in less ronds, probably.

And then the credits are triggered afterwards, and turning Moonwalk on should be worth it.