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List of (all known) existing and/or maybe theoretically possible options to get out of bounds (defined as outside of the rectangular areas that one can see in SMILE, that the game loads when Samus enters the corresponding room) in Super Metroid, for all rooms: (unfinished)

First of all, the main methods to get OoB are given by various X-Ray-Climb setups aswell as Transition-Skip methods. Thus, these will be handled separately from other room-specific options that lead to OoB.

List of general X-Ray-Climb setups:

(To be done)

List of horizontal and vertical Transition-Skip methods:

(To be done)

List of general restrictions/constraints for X-Ray-Climbs and Transition-Skips: (unfinished)

- For Missile-/SuperMissile-/PB.-/Kill-Count-/Boss-/Animal-saved-/(...)-door-shells, one in general needs the corresponding equipment to open those for X-Ray-Climb (at the door on its other side) or Transition-Skip (at the given door) methods.

- For X-Ray-Climb, the door in which one wants to climb has to have a door-shell and has to be horizontally connecting (in particular, it is not possible to X-Ray-Climb using vertically connecting doors) aswell as inbounds reachable from the other side, i.e. the door on the other side needs to be accessible properly.

- In some cases, either the structure of the OoB area or (mostly) inbounds structures (i.e. slopes above and next to the door-shell) require a deep X-Ray-Climb (for which some setups exist) in order that only the blocks exactly above the door-shell get effectively in contact with Samus (and for heated rooms sufficient energy may be needed, and for climbs while an escape timer runs, it may be necessary to climb fast enough).

- In general, it is to be determined if a door can be reached with Shsp.-Charge, Shsp.-Suit or Blue-Suit in order to see if a Shsp. for a deep X-Ray-Climb can be applied (but in general, one can reach any door with Blue-Suit).

- In general, the walljump-check spinjump that is used to get stuck in a door-shell on the other side of a room has to be adapted to HighJump, fluids/surrounding media, SpaceJump and possible decelerated states of Samus.

- For Transition-Skip methods, in general only doors/transition-blocks at the boundary of the rectangular inbounds area that do not necessarily have inbounds solid blocks behind them have to be used (i.e. in some cases, larger rooms also have (door-)transitions in its interior which may not be useful to get OoB).

- For vertical downwards Transition-Skip methods, it in general has to be tested if sufficient falling speed can be obtained before getting close to a downwards connecting door; and analogously, for vertical upwards Transition-Skip methods, it in certain cases would need to be checked if walljumps at walls next to the doors are sufficient to walljump at those to get past the transition-blocks with perfectly timed pausing and pose-change in the frame one would get in contact with the door, or if Shsp.s can be applied.

- To explicitly, quickly test/see on your own which X-Ray-Climb/Transition-Skip setups for given doors can be applied, it is highly recommended to look into rooms using the editor SMILE!

Since the general methods of X-Ray-Climb and Transition-Skips can be applied almost everywhere, only the instances of doors for/in which those cannot be applied will be listed in the following:

List of doors/rooms at which Transition-Skip methods cannot be applied: (finished)

Ceres: All rooms (since one cannot pause the game there)

Crateria: In the Craterian shaft (climb-room) before the old Mother Brain room, the door on the left and the upper most door on the right side cannot be used.

Brinstar: (no exceptions)

Norfair: (no exceptions)

Wrecked Ship: The entrance door to the spike-hall next to the Bowling Torizo cannot be used, provided Wrecked Ship is already active.

Maridia: The transitions in the bottom in the snail-room (aqueduct), aswell as those in Maridian-PB. room and Maridian R.-Tank room, aswell as in the room above the quicksand room above the room with the grey door in Plasma´s area, aswell as in Botwoon-E.-Tank room, (maybe) cannot be used. The transitions in the bootom of both rooms, the pre-Maridian-PB. room and pre-Maridian-R.-Tank room, cannot be used. The same holds for the quicksand room beneath Botwoon-E.-Tank room and the quicksand room above the room with the grey door in Plasma´s area. Both transitions in the long vertical Maridian tube cannot be used.

Tourian: The door on the right side in the Tourian-Torizo room aswell as in Big Metroid room cannot be used. The door on the right side in the first escape room cannot be used, which (maybe) also holds for the upper door in the second escape room, aswell as the doors on the left side in the third and fourth escape room.

List of doors/rooms at which X-Ray-Climb methods cannot be applied:

(To be done)

Ceres: All rooms of Ceres (since instead of door-shells, enemies are placed next to the transitions).




Wrecked Ship:



List of remaining options to get OoB for all rooms in all areas:

(To be done)