Plowerhouse Room

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Plowerhouse Room
Zone Lower Norfair
Subzone Lower Norfair/East
Hazard Heated
Theme [[]]

Lower Norfair Farming Room Adjacent rooms Metal Pirates Room




The Plowerhouse involves shooting the door open before making a Space Jump through the door that narrowly avoids the Holtz, and allows you to keep the speed into the next room.

You can do the same in the reverse direction.

Both Plowerhouse jumps are easier if you do some amount of tapping on the Dash button, at the expense of speed during the Space Jumps. If you get a Blue Suit off of these taps, that will make it so you can jump through the Holtzes, but this will add a significant amount of lag.

Both jumps are also easier if you try to jump low, narrowly avoiding the platforms. The two most common ways of failing the trick are both from jumping too high: either hitting the Holtz from the first jump being too high, or bonking the ceiling before the door from the second jump being too high.

In terms of the history of the strat, Dbx demonstrates the "no blue" variation in this video, presumably a Speed Booster blue version was used before that.

If you're not consistent at the Plowerhouse, you're better off just running through the acid and doing a downgrab or ledgegrab onto the final platform.


On the way in, the most common strategies build up the Speed Booster in the Metal Pirates Room to destroy the first Holtz with the Blue Suit state, then run the rest of the way through the acid. The 1-tap strategy is slightly faster, but significantly more difficult.

On the way out, there are several different strategies outlined in the video below; the Blue strat is the slowest among the strats that run through the acid, but it is significantly easier to execute than the downgrab or the mockball.