The Kona Challenge

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The Kona Challenge was a puzzle originally created in 2015 by KonaChocolate and Andreww (Formerly Foosda). Known to be notoriously difficult with very strict requirements, only a handful of players have completed it successfully.

An image detailing the rules can be found below:


Completed Runs/PBs

Name Time Date Video
sweetnumb*  ? No Timer  ? No Video
WildAnaconda69 7:31:20 12/11/2015 Part 1 Part 2
Matrick  ? No Timer 05/31/2016 Video (deaths removed)
EternisedDragon  ? No Timer 07/30/2017 13 Part split found on ED's Youtube
Ponk 5:26:00 07/20/2019 Video
ShinyZeni (first run) 6:00:40 08/11/2019 Part 1 Part 2
ShinyZeni (PB) 2:53:48 02/24/2022 Video
Kingofthehill476 3:16:44 06/04/2022 Video
Kingofthehill476 (PB) 2:19:38 08/19/2022 Video
  • Footage lost, save file corrupted; challenge resumed on another save