Tourian Escape Room 3

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Running off the edge of the platform after coming through the door, aim down to compress Samus' hitbox. This will prevent her head from bonking on the platform the pirate is standing on. After that, a shinespark along the right wall will allow you to reach the top. The rightmost pirate will fire a beam during the crash animation, which will hit Samus. Timed correctly, the i-frames from this hit should allow you to walljump through the first pirate in the next room.


Optimally, you will be able to Zeb Skip while keeping Screw Attack on. So then even getting through the speed booster blocks with the "Blue Bomber" strat, you should be able to Screw Attack through the pirate in the next room instead of relying on i-frames.

Low% Ice

Not having speed booster, you will need to run along the maze, killing pirates with the Hyper Beam along the way.

Map Completion

You will need to navigate the S-curve of the maze (make sure you go all the way left and jump on the middle level to get those map squares), but with speed booster this does mean that on the top level you can charge a shinespark, allowing you to spark up the next room instead of walljumping.