Warehouse Entrance

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Warehouse Entrance
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Kraid
Utility Elevator
Theme [[]]

East Tunnel Adjacent rooms Warehouse Zeela Room
  Elevator to Business Center  




Although the "intended" strat seems to be jumping up to the platform with Hi-Jump Boots you can still get into the Warehouse by jumping across the gap from the top platform, then walljumping on the edge of the platform.

If you don't make it, you can start your jump from the bottom lip of the pit instead. This is a very short running distance though, so it can be tough to get the full running speed needed from that small of a space.

The optimal method (first done by benlake412, with this variation created by StaticNine) is to destroy all three Super Missile blocks and do a small jump over. This method doesn't even require a walljump, but it does require a carefully-timed jump press, as pressing jump for too long will bonk on the ceiling overhang. You need to have sufficient ammo to make this strat viable though.


If you jump right at the end of the platform, you can make it to the other side with a full jump, ideally with a mockball at the end. If you have trouble with this jump, you could just fire the Super as you run off the end of the platform, then do a mid-air morph to roll through the hole.

As seen with this video, the room transition down the elevator is aligned much better if you go down the left side of the elevator.


If you can spare an extra Super Missile, you could take out the top two Super blocks, and attempt to CWJ across. If you miss the CWJ and drop to the floor, this still saves time over morphing and rolling through only one Super block.