Yellow Space Pirate (wall)

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Space Pirate (yellow) *wall*.gif
Damage 200/100/50
Health 900
Size 16 x 40px
Freezable Yes
Nothing 78
Small Energy 4
Big Energy 8
Missile 8
Super Missile 2
Power Bomb 2
Invulnerable to:
Uncharged Beam Shots

Some AI investigation done by Dan:

If you are within 2 blocks of the wall pirate, wall pirate shoots a plasma shot, jumps to the other side, and switches direction.
Wall pirates Y position always changes by 3 pixels. The frame delay to change is cyclic. The cycle is (10, 8, 5, 8, 10, 8, 5, 8) frames, and it repeats 4 times. This is 248 frames and 96 pixels, or exactly 6 blocks. Then it calls RNG to determine whether to climb up or down.
Note: There is a small chance that the pirate will shoot at you right at the end of a 6 block cycle. In that case, RNG can switch the wall pirate's climb direction, and jumping across can switch it back.